Another wonderful memory created.

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I just got home from Warped Tour. Basically it's just a festival of a ton of diverse bands, ranging from ska to reggae to hip hop to metal. You may recognize some of the headliners: Rise Against, New Found Glory, All Time Low, The Used, etc. My face is burned and my legs feel like rubber from walking around all day. But that's totally okay. Because I went with Brittany.

She invited me to come the night before the show, so I was incredibly pressed for time. I had to persuade my mother, which surprisingly wasn't that difficult, order my ticket, and prepare for the show in a very compact amount of time. Would've been nice to have received an invitation a bit sooner, but that's alright.

A lot of shit went wrong that made the possibility of making it look bleak. Brittany's new car actually broke down during a test drive on the highway, but luckily her older sister let her borrow her car. Then this morning Brittany was running an hour late to pick me up because of some problems she wouldn't specify on. We still made it though. We arrived two hours late, but we still made it.

Let me just say that Brittany is an awful, awful driver. She went 50 miles on the freeway. Fifty miles! That's incredibly slow! She's very indecisive, switching lanes way too frequently, making unbelievably hesitant turns, the like. She pissed off a lot of people on our way there...and back. I was worried that her hesitance would get us killed. It didn't though, obviously.

It was scorching the entire day. It hovered around the hundred mark and it didn't let up. I've never sweat so much in my life; I was, quite literally, drenched in sweat. I'm surprised there weren't any whisperings about a victim of heat stroke or something. I felt gross the entire time. The heat ultimately didn't even matter though. We certainly didn't let it stop us from enjoying ourselves.

The first band we saw was a ska band called Streetlight Manifesto. Perhaps you've heard of them. If not, definitely check them out. They're amazing. Brittany's a huge fan of 'em. For those who are unfamiliar with ska, there's this thing called "skanking" (not sure I spelled that correctly, and no not that kind of skank), which is basically a series of loose dance moves associated exclusively with ska music. Hard to describe the specifics, but it looks really fun. Brittany wanted me to dance with her but I didn't, and I wish I had. She jumped right into the pit and let loose. It was hilarious. But then the hard moshing started and I was too scared to jump in because I didn't want to die. I was worried that somebody would hurt Brittany, but she made it out alive.

I'll get another opportunity to get all skanky with Brittany though. She's managed to make me a huge fan of Streetlight Manifesto in just one day, and once I told her this she promised we'd go see them together and in turn I promised her I'd actually dance. So I have that to look forward to.

The crowd there was very...diverse. You had your hardcore goths, your hipsters, your scene kiddos, your emo kiddos, your preppy sluts, your wannabes, your tanned jocks, etc. We never really saw the entire show of any one band. We just kinda roamed around and sampled all of them. We'd watch one band for several songs, then jump to the next. I really would've liked to have seen Rise Against, but Brittany was excited to see some obscure hip hop band, so no Rise Against.

Oh! AND I got to rub lotion on her back. Mhm. AND I learned today that Brittany has become a brony! Her favorite pony is Twilight Sparkle, by the way. But anywho, we had an amazing time. We ran into Haylee and Judd, so we hung out with them for awhile. Oh man, it was great. I've never really been to a concert this massive before. We of course couldn't see all of the bands but we saw Streetlight Manifesto, The Used, Dead Sara, New Found Glory, Yellowcard, All Time Low, and some other obscure hopefuls that I can't remember the name of. I don't really listen to most of those bands a lot, but it was still cool to see them.

Oh my gosh. So much fun. It went by way faster than I would've liked, but that's how it always goes. I'm just super honored that she chose to invite me.


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I remember my first warped tour...

It came to my hometown in 7th grade, thanks to MXPX being a local was awesome. definitely, sweat happens when you are moshing, dancing, and having a good time. I guess I never took it for granted all the awesome exposure we have to good music and diverse music here in the NW.

It was pointed out once on a local radio station to me, how lucky we truly are to live in an area w/ so much diversity as far as metal, ska, grungw, etc in the NW. other parts of the country don't have that.

OH, and as far as the 55, don't worry. I have had a driver do 25 all the way down a high way in the middle east. Holding people up for kilometers. haha.

Glad she took you, and you got to 'rub' her back.


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I don't think this area has

I don't think this area has that much diversity, or that much of a music scene for that matter. This was in St. Louis, and only one band in the entire tour was from the area.

25 is way below the minimum speed limit! That's just dangerous. It took me awhile but eventually I got used to her...unique driving.

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If you're in St. Louis, go see Aladdin at The Muny this week. I'm gutted to miss it, as my friend Robin De Jesus is Aladdin...

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Too late. I'm already back

Too late. I'm already back home. That would be interesting to see, though.

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The nemesis of the "grammar nazi" resides just below...

...but I feel I must say great for the "awhile!"

Do you know when it should be written as "a while"?

Down, Tycoon..., don't bite!

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sounds awesome

well after you got there of course, sounds like you are getting her around to your side of thinking, eh?

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I don't think so. When we

I don't think so. When we were on our way there she said that she currently hated her boyfriend and the feeling was mutual, but on the way back she said that he's wonderful and sweet. I don't think they're breaking up anytime soon, despite all the complaints and fighting. Somehow his good side compensates for all of that.

So, for now and in the near future, I feel that I will be in the dreaded friendzone. And I'm completely fine with that. Mostly. Okay, I'm learning how to be fine with that.

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ah i see

she may be arguing inside her head if she wants to break up with him or not

i can help you cope with that, i was nothing but a friend to my crush for 6 years! you get used to it i guess, do as i did value all the time you had with your crush, better being their friend than someone they don't like

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I do value my time with her.

I do value my time with her. I'm very, very happy that I have her as a friend. It would be the worst mistake to ruin it just because I can't get over my crush. Her friendship ultimately means more to me than that. I've already lost one friend that I had huge feelings for, and I shan't let it happen again.

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thats good

friendship is good, friends are good, you are good.

don't risk it i say, and heed these words, only say if you can guarantee she will stay and change nothing.

people lose friends everyday through bad mistakes, but some days nobody loses any friends, some days people take advice and don't make mistakes