Blast from the past...

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As part of my hard drive crash that happened last week, I was retrieving my video of Camille Paglia on Politically Correct from YouTube, which you can watch here:

And it reminded me that Paglia was one of my favorite interviews to EVER appear in Oasis, although I use the term interview lightly, as she seemed loaded in advance with 30 minutes to say about gay youth issues when I called her.

But if you have the time, check it out. Here's a tease quote:

"The people who are happy are slugs. This is my message to gay teens, okay? People who are happy and adjusted are inert. They do not move the human race forward. The human race is moved forward by people who have suffered and who take their suffering as a kind of spring for self-development, creativity and production. That's my message."

Whole article is here:


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That's now my new favorite quote.

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She's quite the pistol, er ah Magnum. Her point of view is interesting. So much so, I have to read her book 'Sexual Personae'. I'm surprised I had never heard of her before. I have watched 'Politically Incorrect' before, but I'm sorry I missed that one. Thanks for pulling that out, Jeff. I love the quote, as well.