Do you believe in the existence of asexuality and bisexuality?

Yes, I believe that both are viable.
100% (14 votes)
I'm good with bisexuality, but not asexuality.
0% (0 votes)
I'm down with asexuality, but bisexuality is a whack concept.
0% (0 votes)
I don't believe in either of them.
0% (0 votes)
I've got no bloody clue. Who cares?
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 14


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Dude, a poll! Nobody ever does polls anymore.

Yeah, I believe both are viable. It always makes me feel like Sasquatch or something when people say bisexuality doesn't exist. Like, ehhehehehe I guess I'm not real or something!

I do find asexuality to be a bit of an enigma sometimes, considering I didn't really have sexual interest until I experimented/explored, so I find it difficult to accept someone who is ~asexual~ but hasn't attempted or explored anything of that sort.

Of course, I accept their identity, it doesn't deligitimize it or anything, but it's hard for me. Romantic interest, that's different, but sexuality needed prodding in me. Maybe that's not how everyone works.
That's redick!

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Both exist, but both are also places for stasis.

If you're uncomfortable with the idea of sex, or have body image issues, and you identify as asexual, can be suspicious.

And bisexuality gets a bad rap because people use it as a stepping stone to gay, and then all the opposite-sex-partnered bi's stay quiet, leading to a lot of misperceptions.

But both exist.

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My personal experience

I've had sex with both genders, it felt good, I hated it. I identified as asexual for a long time before I settled into "It's a case-by-case thing, I don't identify." So that's why I asked, I've met many people who don't allow for either. Simple curiosity spurred on by experience.

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Oh yes, both are definitely

Oh yes, both are definitely possible, they just don't get taken seriously very much. People dismiss bisexuality as gay confusion or something applied to people who want to fuck everyone.

And a lot of people are totally unaware that asexuality even exists, because really not very many people are asexual. Sex is pretty much a core value in society; people love it, they love talking about it, they love having it, they love thinking about it. It's been proven to be healthy in a variety of ways. It's a positive thing. So people, including me, just can't grasp the concept of asexuality.

But yeah, both exist. It's also hard to take both of them seriously when some people call themselves bi or asexual and they're really not.

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Im a bisexual male,

and i knew an asexual girl in middle school. both do exist.