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First off, big ups to Jeff and the other people who got this site back up to it's currently functioning state! My lifde, not much going on but fun things like a recent vacation was very nice. It was so nice to go to the beach and sit on the sands and watch the tides roll in and out, into the mass blue sea. How beatiful it is, I was almost in love with it's serenity.

Little shells and little sand "dollars", which to me are more like Kennedy's. Plenty of pictures taken and relaxation enjoyed by all. Anyway I've decided to be superficial and put my mond through some pyne. I've gotten braces! They are indeed a challenge, but it's a small price to pay for my teeth and bite to be much more effecient. :-)

In other news I think I want to collect different eyeglasses. Like this pair I wanted to get the other day. It was an old pair of trifocal glasses, and of course tri meaning three different lens powers (very visible) on the two lenses. Oh, what a headache that must've been for that old woman! Seeing as tri-focals are for some pretty advanced eye problems.

I decided against buying them since I need to get rid of a few more things in the house before I can build up a collection of things. However I did aquire an old pair of binoculars. These will prove handy for spotting the illusive Cardinal or the occasional Sparrow. Perhaps I may even find those strange little Black Birds I've seen recently.

The binoculars themselves are old and have a leather necklace strap, they are fairly worn from much use. I'm not sure exactly how old they are but maybe about thirty to forty odd years old. They're really neat, my father had a similar pair but I don't know what happened to them sadly.
So those are a few things right thar.


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Oh, good luck with the

Oh, good luck with the braces. I'm getting mine taken off this September and I absolutely cannot wait. It takes awhile to get used to them of course, but once you get used to them you tend to forget that they're even there. The thing I hate about 'em is the way they ruin your smile while simultaneously making it better. But that's just me :P

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definiately takes a while. But worth it! :-)

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Acording to Jeff (this might have changed) the website has yet to change Servers and will be smoother after it does

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We switch to the new servers this weekend, which should be 5-6 hour of downtime involved.

I do not believe this occurred yet.

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ah i understand