I Love This Commercial!!!!!

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I saw this commercial while watching the Tour De France and it's so inspiring to me!


Sam : ))


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Is it the commercial... or...?

What an attractive young man! Impressive on so many levels! :)

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He's cute, even my boyfriend

He's cute, even my boyfriend said that! I just love how he's riding all out against an imaginary opponent, I do the same thing when I'm spinning to keep me from getting bored. This commercial just makes me want to put everything I have into working out!

Sam :-))

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this on is best

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Really cool commercial,

Really cool commercial, thanks for sharing it :))


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As much as I hate specialized these days as a brand, and I have my reasons, that was definitely an awesome ad. Well thought out, and I loved the section of the Paris-Roubaix in the background. that footage wasn't actually from the tour, but still good!

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