Im so sick of life.

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I just want it to end. I just want an escape, just to leave this place, just to one day pack up all my things, buy a plane ticket and get the hell out and never return.
No one understands me. Hell, I don't even understand myself. This is terribly selfish of me I know, theres starving kids in Africa dying and here I am complaining about my miserable life, well I suppose I wish I was in Africa, because to me it would be better than waking up everday to a world full of all these pretencious people that dont give a damn about anyone.
I detest my family, so much to the point it makes me sick. With the exeption of the extendeds and my sister.
Infact I think the only reason I am here to day is because of my best friend Jane. I honesty dont know what I did to deserve the friendship of hers, I dont know where I would be without it.


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Well, just because there are

Well, just because there are starving children in Africa doesn't mean you're not allowed to feel a bit depressed. True, things could be a lot worse for you, but everyone, no matter how privileged, gets depressed at times.

There seems to be a constant in the majority of depressed people: they don't do anything. They sit and wallow in their depression. When you sit around, boredom and inactivity contribute to that depression; sometimes they even cause it in the first place. If I'm outside doing something, whether it's hanging out with friends or watering flowers, it's harder for me to feel that depression. Those things are distractions. Activity, no matter how insignificant or small, is the perfect cure. So, get out and do something. Anything really.

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Starving kids in Africa are probably happier, to be honest.

Because they have struggles and are overcoming them. We become depressed and unhappy when we no longer fight for survival or have large goals to accomplish w/ a busy life. We find small things to be bothered with because our bodies enjoy a challenge, and nowadays- nobody *really* has anything to complain about but being complacent.

If you feel sad, pick up a hobby or a large project or a sports team to participate in. You'll be happier.
That's redick!