In Which People Are Terrible

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I hate the people at my job so much it's unbelievable. I have had the WORST experiences with customers this week. It's been worse than the gross old guy from last year who used to go behind the counter and put his arm around me. I am utterly appalled at these people's total lack of tact and social skills. People really think it's okay to act this way... I can't fucking believe it.

Instance #1: I was sitting behind the counter, and an old guy came up and sat on one of the stools in front of the counter. I've seen this old guy before and talked to him maybe once, but he is still basically a stranger. He asked a question I get a lot, "Where are you going to college?", and I said I wasn't sure yet, so he gave some suggestions, and we started talking about it. 

He was actually knowledgeable on the subject, which was refreshing, and he actually gave legitimate suggestions instead of the annoying ones I usually get. (Apparently, being able to add 2+2 and read above an eighth grade level makes one a genius eligible for Harvard and/or Stanford, according to 99.99999% of customers.) I was actually enjoying my conversation with this man because he knew what he was talking about.

But... Then, guess what he said?

"I support your decision to move north. There are less black people there."

Wait, what? I stared at him incredulously for a moment, like, was he being serious? I then realized that he was indeed serious! What the hell, man!? Why would you say something like that!? I wanted to tell him, "No, I'm going so I can get away from fat, racist old douchebags with annoying ringtones," but I'm supposed to be polite to customers, so I just kind of stopped talking to him instead.

But I mean, what the fuck!? Why would he think it's okay to just say something like that? I realize I am paler than a sheet of notebook paper, but that does not mean I am a huge asshole who will agree. A lot of our customers are black, what if one had walked in right as he was saying that shit? Ughhh...

Instance #2: I was sitting in the office watching Brat. The door was open. One of our usual customers, a middle aged farmer, came in. He goes to Brat's church, and they were discussing that. I was doing something on the computer, can't remember what, when he asked me, "Super Duck, why don't you go to church?" and I said I just didn't because I'm not allowed to discuss atheism in front of Brat. He kept saying I NEEDED to go and that I HAD to and I just kind of said, "Uhh..." and then he and Brat started poking fun at me for not going.

Why is that his fucking business, huh? If I said, "I just don't..." then clearly I do not want to discuss the matter. I am more than capable of forming my own religious beliefs and really do not need anyone's assistance.

This was the same day as the first incident, so in that moment, I desperately wished I was about four years older so I could go across the street and buy myself some heavy alcohol. These fucking people.

I saw him again today, but he didn't give me any shit, thankfully. I was surprised at his behavior earlier because he usually isn't bad at all.

I hate this town so much. So, so, so much. Everyone here is such an asshole, even in the smallest ways. For example, my grandpa has a garden next to his store, and he loves to give people free vegetables from it if they ask. All you have to do is ask. But some assholes sneak in and just steal tons and tons of vegetables. They steal from a 67-year-old man who would give them it for free if they just asked, and they aren't even sorry. Fuck this place.

In other news, Brat has developed an extremely irritating obsession with some boyband named One Direction. I guess they're, like, this week's Jonas Brothers or Backstreet Boys or something. It's all she ever wants to talk about, but no one gives a shit. I feel like screaming and stabbing myself every fifty-third time I hear about how ~in looooove~ she is with them. 

She also has a crush on one of the members, which she takes to an extremely creepy level, saying she will commit suicide if he ever gets married and wanting to buy a doll of him and using face morph sites to see what their babies will look like. (Oh, speaking of those sites, this one time, I used a face morph site to see what Hitler and Stalin's baby would look like just because I can, and nothing is funnier!)

Brat, you are doing celebrity crushes wrong. Mom and I do not care about your obsessive love of Harry Styles. If I took celebrity crushes to your level of crazy, I would constantly be running up to you and screaming in your face, "I'M MARRYING DIANNA AGRON OUR LOVE IS REAL I AM FULLY PREPARED TO KILL MYSELF FOR HER IF NECESSARY BUT I HAVE ALREADY TOTALLY PLANNED OUT OUR WEDDING AND OUR LIVES TOGETHER!!!!!!!1" and I cannot imagine you'd like that very much, Brat, and also I am not completely fucking insane. I would say keep it on your blog, but you are too young for blogging, so keep it in your diary, I guess.

The funniest part is how she thinks it's totally weird to love a band for their music and not their looks and accuses me of having a similar ridiculous obsession with my favorite band because one time I said I was excited for their new album coming out in a few days. I am laughing because Passion Pit, the band in question, is a bunch of guys, meaning Brat actually somehow thinks I'm straight. I always think it's so funny when people think that.


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Instance #1 doesn't really

Instance #1 doesn't really do anything to help fend off the stereotype that all Southern people are racist...bummer. We're all a little bit racist (and not just white people), to certain extents. By that I mean that we identify with those who are most like us, including in appearance. It's just a fact of humanity, but that doesn't mean we're all like that dude.

Instance #2 is just a complete waste of your frustration. Actually they both are. This is one reason I cannot get a job that involves dealing with the public...I don't like people and if a person like that approached me I would have a hard time just ignoring them.

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It really doesn't. Ughhh...

It really doesn't. Ughhh... Actually, most of the people I know under 45 or so really aren't very racist. Many of the older people are very, very blatantly racist and vocal about it, though, because when they were young it was both socially acceptable and encouraged, which contributes to the stereotype. I'm still going to be so embarrassed telling people where I'm from. And yeah, everyone is a little bit biased, but this guy was disgustingly so.

I would not have this job if my grandpa didn't own a store. I would never actively seek a job like this unless I absolutely had to. I didn't even know what to say to either of these guys.

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There's so many people like that. It's like their programmed to hate anyone different. When dealing with customer's you have to be professional and courteous even when you dislike them. I'm a warranty manager, essentially by default, and you wouldn't believe some of the shit I have to listen to.

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I know... People suck. I'm

I know... People suck. I'm just glad my job is only for the summer!

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Not to be totally random, but...

I have found something that may make you feel a bit better about One Direction, if only for one song. This is a cover that one of my friends posted on Facebook this morning. It's so awesome that I'm afraid to listen to the original boy-band version (which I'm not familiar with), lest it be horrifyingly mediocre in comparison.

I am sorry that people are terrible. *hugs* Hang in there.

~~~ the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses ~ e e cummings ~~~

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I didn't see this until now,

I didn't see this until now, but wow yeah that is a significant improvement over the original!