no, no, that was back before i was dead

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Well holy shit, if you're a gay basher, you have a fucking lot of companies you can't buy products from... That just seems kinda weird to me... I have a feeling that even if like some company was like Rick Santorum yeah we love that guy I'd just be a little weirded out, but I don't think I'd boycott them if I like their product... Like Oreos, I don't get those very often at all, but I still like them, and I'll keep buying their shit no matter who they support.

Of course, that's harder to defend now in the era of Citizen's United, when they can actually donate unlimited money if they want to any cause they want, but still, I try to generally keep politics out of my food, although that cookie did look pretty fucking delicious...

On a less light hearted note, fuck me. My parents decided that we desperately need to see family, in eastern Oregon. So now, I'm here, for a fucking week, *tear*, with my parents, my mom's parents, both well into their 80s, my aunt, and my 8 year old cousin. Since we're in a boring lodge with nothing to do, guess who the sole source of entertainment for my cousin is?
Ahahahahaha, you guys, you guessed it.
Anyway, fuck me, in the ass. We drove here today, and then 5 days, just 5 days of soul-crushingly boring numbfuckery, and no wanking, then we leave on Friday.
And then it's Saturday, and then it's Sunday. And you know what happens on Sunday? CAMP, where if you've been paying attention for the whole year, is where I met Daniel last year (don't think he's in my session this year) and it's the fucking awesomest bestest place I've ever been, and I'm there for 3 weeks.
That's what drags me through this.
It wouldn't even be so bad if I was just left alone to my anti-social books and movies, but my cousin, fuck. I mean, he's nice, but he's 8, he can't help fucking me (metaphorically, of course).

Speaking of books and movies, I was going to randomly review a book and a couple movies I recently watched.
The book was Galapagos, and it was fucking amazing. By Kurt Vonnegut in 1985, it's basically about the human race from the perspective of a million years in the future.
Without giving out any spoilers, it's fucking incredible. It makes you think totally differently about how you view the human race. Most of the time we view things in terms of our own lifetimes. I've noticed that, most projections I see in The Economist, for example, go to 2020 or at the most 2050.
Usually, we think of our actions and the sustainability of our habits in terms of years or decades, never for what this might do in a MILLION years.
And it also makes you think about human evolution. Evolving our huge brains was rapid and fairly risky. Our brains use up about a third of all the calories we consume, that was a big risk, in its time.
Now, of course, it appears to have payed dividends and to spare, with our dominion over the planet. And yet, has it?
Modern humans have only really been around for maybe 100,000 years, while some species like the Coelacanth have been around for millions and millions.
It's still very possible we'll fuck these things up and kill ourselves off, making ourselves, in the end, not that long-lived or successful of a species, and that the very culprit could be our huge brains, the source of our current prosperity.

So Galapagos, fucking read it. Now.

Then I watched a couple cheaper horror movies, needless to say, not as good as the book.
The first was Love Object, which was kinda less of a horror movie than maybe a psychological thriller or something, but I liked it.
It was the story of this guy, a technical writer in an office with an asshole boss, who falls in love with a new temp worker but doesn't have the social skills to approach her, so he buys this silicone sex doll for $10,000 that looks just like her and has sex with it and role plays with it, until he gains the skills to woo the real lady.
After that, it seems like the doll begins to get jealous, destroying photographs of the chick and constantly watching the man, until he destroys the doll in a fit of rage.
Things seem fine then, but then the real woman finds evidence of the sex doll and becomes offended and leaves him, sad and destitute, and then he gets fired from his job for the constant distractions.
So he kidnaps the chick, and after killing his apartment manager, tries to start embalming her, but she escapes, and is just about kill him with the embalming needle when the cops, investigating the murder of the apartment manager, bust in and shoot her off his chest, saving him, and pinning the blame for everything on her.
The movie ends with him getting his job back, and finding a new love interest.

I really liked it because it was funny, had some hilarious scenes, and it was also really weird. You never know if the doll was actually alive or if he was just insane the whole time, I think he was just totally insane, cause you never actually see the doll move.
Yeah, Love Object, good movie.

Another movie, My Little Eye, I'll talk about later. I'm bored now...
Anyway, laters Oasies.


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I'm not sure "fuck me" and "fuck me, in the ass" are interpreted as negative things on Oasis.

I like what Bill Maher said about the Oreo flap on his show this week: "This giant blob of vegetable oil and corn syrup is the perfect symbol for gay pride, because when I look at it, I think, 'I'd rather put a dick in my mouth.'"

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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I have considerable doubt...

...whether the sexual proclivities of typical Oasies are consistent with this supposition! :(

My guess is that most will have read this as I did: Nothing more than mere teen cant expressive of frustration... not as an invitation to be sexually violated (particularly in a manner that few gays view with sanguinity)!

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It must be strange...

... to read my replies and never find humor.

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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Not strange at all... my response was to a clear invitation!

You know... the simple addition of :) would have gone a long way to establishing your comment as likely humor... even though the allusion was to an assumed popularity amongst Oasies of anal sex.

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I stopped overusing that, since almost everything I say is typically meant in jest. It just seems like I'm overamused with myself if I use it that often.

So, if the choices are I'm being humorous or I'm unaware of its everyday usage, it's a pretty safe bet it is the former.

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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But it seems that my comment (the one to which you quite quickly responded... above) was somehow posted pre-maturely before editing... by which time your response was already posted! I dwelled on the wording much too long... trying my best to communicate frustration without (hopefully) risking the possibility of offending.

The fact is... I do have a very thin skin when either drugs or anal sex is treated lightly... (Not all anal sex... and not all drugs!)

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Whenever frustrated, always assume there is a ;-) omitted, and see if that helps things.

I do call people out on this in real life, too. I had a gay friend, who would always say "Suck my dick" when he didn't like something, and I'd usually respond with "Not while you're driving..." "OMG, you don't know how long I've been waiting for you to say those words..." and on and on.

I have yet to find the appropriate anal sex or drug window yet, it seems, hehehe.

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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Of course...

The funny part is that your concern about anal sex made 3/4 of the comments on this journal about that topic. ;-)

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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The oreo thing was funny. People were saying that it's a sin to eat oreos. What is the Economist?

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Haha. The Oreos thing. You

Haha. The Oreos thing. You all realize they were only doing that as a publicity stunt, right? Even bad publicity is good publicity. I've been reading comments about it all over the internet, and some people were like, "Oh, I'm not homophobic, I just don't like people strutting around all self-righteous because they support gays like they're so awesome because of how open-minded they are."

It's annoying that something like this is STILL controversial. Really? It's 2012.

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Hey...sounds like a great month coming up!

This'll be your 10th year at the same camp? !عجيب

Sorry about Daniel's attendance not being likely... :)

Have an enjoyable time! I'm envious... in so many ways. (However... I'll be commencing my much shorter odyssey abroad about the time your camp concludes.)

As for the "abstinence" you feel obliged to observe at the lodge this week... I feel that if the "will" is there, you'll find a way. Your sanity depends upon it... :)

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i think

all food and drink compares should support same-sex marriage, so all the homophobes die off

but LOL, ever notice they realeased Oreo Ice Cream JUST AFTER the boycott? like "fuck you homophobes, you ain't getting ice cream"