Site update...

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We did not move hosts this weekend as planned, as there is some coordination required in switching the DNS to point to the new servers (so that our URL knows how to find the site content, in non-geek) in a way to minimize downtime as much as possible.

Adrian did tweak some code for the new site to make us run more efficiently, just waiting for things to line up with his schedule and others so they can have the site down for as short a period as possible.

In the middle of the DNS switch, you may reach the site, and then when you try a few minutes later, your browser can't find it anymore. That is normal, since it takes an hour or more for all of the routing servers online to update to our new location. So, once we move, you may hit one server with the new location, and then one server with the old location.

Just give it time.

If I hear when the update is occurring in advance, I'll let you know. Although I did tell them to do it ASAP, which might mean not telling me before they do it (especially since they are in South Africa).