They Tried to Kidnap The Kaiser

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Judd was arrested the other day for shoplifting. Some kid watched him take a phone cover and reported him. Ay caramba. A couple of my friends do shoplift occasionally, but I never imagined one of them would actually get caught. Since he was so cooperative the cop decided to take it off his record and he'll have to appear in court in a few days. The ticket is 125 dollars. He's lucky the cop was so nice because a lot of the cops around here are douchebags. I can't really say I feel sorry for him; if he's willing to take the risk he should be willing to face any possible consequences. Honestly, if it weren't for my rotten luck and total lack of subtlety, I'd probably swipe stuff too every now and then. But only from big corporations who can definitely afford the loss. Hehe. It was Wal Mart he stole from. They make billions. That doesn't completely justify shoplifting, but y'know. A phone cover won't send them spiraling towards bankruptcy.

Progress on my short story has halted. I'm rethinking my approach. Originally I wrote the characters as college students, but I'm thinking it would be easier if they were teens. The challenges they'd face would differ based on their age, and I could portray those faced by teens much better. Right now I'm just building up the confidence to start over.

I visited my great aunt in the hospital a couple days ago. It was very weird. Last time I saw her she was up and about, weak of course but still functioning. Now she's completely broken down and helpless. She's lost even more weight and her pain is constant. The cancer has infected her liver, spleen, spine, and brain. She's dying so very slowly and that disgusts me. I want her to die soon because it's just gonna get worse and worse and she'll just deteriorate before our eyes. I hated being in that hospital because I started to feel so many different emotions that I didn't feel anything at all.

School is a month away. I can't wait for it to start. I have signed up for nothing but awesome classes, except for P.E but I can't get out of that. I want to see my friends again and I want to learn stuff and I want to be occupied and I want to be productive. I just don't know what happens when Brittany starts college. I'm scared. We're gonna hang out this week before I leave for Colorado. We'll be alone so maybe I can muster the courage to tell her. Colorado should be fun, a good way to take my mind off of shit and just enjoy nature.

Umm...I finished 1984, which is the bleakest novel I've ever read and the most chilling, more chilling than anything Stephen King or Jack Ketchum could ever dish out. I've moved on to The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest. I'm only reading it because it's against my moral code to abandon a series before finishing it. I honestly don't understand all the hype behind this series. It's a thriller, I know that, but the plot defies logic and every character except for Lisbeth is so unlikeable. Nothing that's happening really makes much sense.

Uhh...let's see...I've developed an addiction to collecting antique reading material. Magazines, books, comics. My dad got me started on antiquing and now I have this constant urge to drive to his favorite antique shop and buy old magazines and stuff. Finished my 1937 edition of Reader's Digest and I just started reading a 1956 issue of Life and it's so cool. So much history. You learn a lot about random stuff reading these things. I hope I don't become a hoarder. That won't happen though, since my wallet can't handle that.