Thoughts on abortion and capital punishment?

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You know what I think is a joke, how in this day and age people see it ethical to kill a life of a potential child, and quite ethical to kill a human being and see it as justice, yet it is unethical to let gay people marriage?

What a joke..

Also has anyone seen the documnetary "Aileen Wuornos: The Selling Of A Serial Killer" by Nick Broomfield? It's quite good I recommend it.

Clearly and insane woman, yet she is sentanced to death for it.
Human life is such a precious gift and it's such a tragedy to see it taken away in such acts of brutality...

I mean capital punishment is one thing, but to kill mad people that quite clearly need help is another...

What are everyones thoughts?


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if your anti-choice

you are anti-women and misogynist

if you are against abortion you are basically saying all women are good for is babies, and no matter how you argue that is what it is, thats the whole reason they are anti-choicers out there.

you are saying that a lump of cells, a fetus, a parasite, a thing that can't think nor feel is more important than a human being, a human that CAN Think, feel, has family, friends etc.

and even if abortion was illegal it wouldn't even stop it, its just making it unsafe.

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That's not what I am Arguing

That's not what I am Arguing at all I'm Saying if you are too stupid enough to use the proper protection in the first place, why kill a child out of inconvenience? And as for the cell arguement I disagree if scientists found a lump of living cells on another planet they'd claim they found life, it is a life it's a growing baby.
I'm not saying all mothers are fit to take care of a child but if they're not they should do the right thing and give there child up for adoption, human life is such a blessing so many people try for so hard to bear a child and just cannot yet here there are the people getting preggers and killing the kid out of pure inconvenience its such a slap in the face.

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you are still misogynoust

protection fails and and it IS NOT A CHILD it is a parasitic lump of cells, you are TRULEY IDIOTIC if you compare ORGANISMS that are NOT PARASITIC on a planet to A FETUS.

yes because adoption is better, no it isn't, Almost no children are adopted, those children have a massive risk of abuse and mental illness and crime, if you are saying adoption is better than abortion i do envy you.

human life is not a blessing, there are over 7 billion of us now, life is not a blessing, life never has or never will be a blessing it was a one in a million chance and is pure luck earth has life.

you views ARE ANTI-WOMEN, women can die from pregnancy, get serious complications from it and die later on or develop physical, mental and emotional troubles from it.

if these are your arguments you are nothing more than a misogynist

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It is up to every individual to make their own choices about abortion. If someone believes life begins at conception, that is their right. The keyword being "own" and "choice." I'm all for people deciding what they want to do in their own life.

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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yes Jeff

but people are stupid animals

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You mean...

You're not? The one getting infected by all the stupid tumblr idiocies such as becoming non-cis, parroting SJA nonsense, and arguing w/ your emotions out front instead of logical, calm facts?

Pretty stupid animals, indeed.
That's redick!

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i am not-cis

i was just closeted, the logical fact of the matter is yes, if you want people to have all there rights, yes, you are smarter than those who don't

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I have never seen a movement succeed


b/c nobody is going to like, support, or understand your movement if you treat them like fucking dogs instead of as humans..
That's redick!

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i have

well technically not seen but know of, Irish Independence, American Independence, The end of slavery in America, Women working and being paid more in Britain, the right to culture in Scotland and many more

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Culture in Scotland?

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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the English banned it

under penalty of death after the Jacobite Rebellion, if one asshole didn't worry about his family we would have won! but no he had to worry

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I'm not sure

about abortion, it seems to me that only the mother can know when her child makes the transition from biological matter to a real person.

As for capital punishment, I'm completely against it. No one has the right to take the life of anyone else, unless it's in self-defense & there's no alternative.

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--Lucille Ball

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Kind of a strange trio, since there are people vehemently opposed to all three.

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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You know

Sometimes it seems weird to me that people can be pro-life and yet also support the death penalty, but then to them it would also seem weird I'm pro-choice and against the death penalty.

Basically, I've never seen even the semblance of a good argument for the death penalty. The only thing that even seems viable is deterrence, and I've never seen any research supporting that the death penalty deters crime.
Also, it's more expensive, makes it impossible to fix false convictions, puts the family of the victim through the terrible ordeal of years, sometimes decades of trial after trial, and also I just have a slight problem with the state being able to decide to kill people.
Basically, I've never seen the shred of a reason for it, I think our justice system should be exclusively to reform people, not punish them. I even have a hard time with life sentences...

And abortion, a lot of people say it's just a choice to decide when a fetus is a person, but I think I'd rather have a set guideline on when a fetus is a person, like the 3rd trimester, or when it has a heartbeat, or whatever.
Obviously, we don't treat all "people" as actual people.
Adults of a certain age have all legal rights and responsibilities of everyone else. But the younger someone gets, the less "human" they get, in a sense.
For example, children of a certain age lack all sorts of rights, things they're not considered competent to do, i.e. have sex, drink, smoke, drive, give medical consent, but because of their reduced competence they also lack all sorts of responsibilities, i.e. a job, criminal responsibility.
The younger you are, the fewer rights and responsibilities you have, i.e. the less "human" you're legally considered.
When a fetus gains the right to life is hard to say, largely opinionated. Obviously, a zygote (fertilized egg) is not a human. About half of zygotes spontaneously abort about a week into the pregnancy anyway, I don't consider that human.
And just having the potential to be a human doesn't cut it either, because you're killing potential humans every second you're not having unprotected vaginal sex.
So a zygote obviously isn't human, but the born baby 9 months later obviously is, so when is the transition?
I'd say cutting it off at about 6 months is fair, legally, with personal choice deciding the cutoff anywhere before that.

Anyway, I'd much rather have a baby be killed before it's actually human rather than be born into a household that can't handle it, because one thing that's absolutely crystal clear to me is that THE WORLD DOESN'T NEED ANY MORE PEOPLE.

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Deserving of a journal in its own right!

I whole-heartedly concur with your sentiments on "legal" executions, life sentences, and abortions... they're really no-brainers (i.e., current laws devised largely by "no-brainers").

Particularly thought-provoking is the idea you've promoted that one progressively loses (is denied?) elements of personhood as one regresses backwards from late adolescence all the way to the zygote stage.

Next... it's needed that legal, moral, social, and religious (sigh!) thinking come to a common understanding on this...

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I agree,

with most of what your saying. I believe and always have it's a women's right to choose whether to abort a pregnancy or not. The government shouldn't have any say. Usually, it's the religious groups that condemn it and lobby politicians to change laws. I know of many people I have argued with on this subject. I can understand the pro-lifers point, but I simply can't agree with making it illegal. In cases of rape or incest, for example, how can you expect the woman to give birth to the child conceived through violence? Your also right about people being stupid or careless with regard to protection. I don't care for the death penalty either, however, people in prisons aren't being 'reformed'. Some incarcerated individuals, while serving their time, will try to better themselves, but certainly not the majority. They are just trying to survive long enough to serve out their sentence.
Your also right about having fewer rights before the age of 16-18(depending on where you live)

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A George Carlin Quip

" Have you ever noticed the majority of people against abortion, are people you wouldn't want to fuck anyway?"

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Abortion: If it's early

Abortion: If it's early enough in the pregnancy, fine. Like Chad said, it's not like we need more people in the world anyway.

Capital punishment: Doesn't make any sense. So we kill people who kill to show others that killing is wrong? How very paradoxical.

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Capital punishment...

It's religious fanaticism running amok...