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Well , since my brother brought up the situation of me and my cousen notifying her and my sister i was gay because of it , I havent went up stairs to talk or see them none today and its 4:31 p.m . It sucks ! I can just look at them yesterday when they walk past and dont want anything to do with me knowing the fact that i might be gay . like coming out to them is defenitly not a option now , ill just let them find out on their own when I become a pop star when im older . I cant survive these last 3 years being in a house full of disgust . But i need help on knowing how to cope with these situations with moving on and not making these mistakes again . Do you think they are demons tempting me to want sex from my fam , or is it just an addiction ? I also whatch gay porn just begging the Devil/God (Who ever would help me) to find someone to embrace in a sexual way because it looks soooooo good and enjoyable .



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If you're being outed, do you have the option of going back in the closet?

I don't believe in gods or demons.

Sounds like you're just horny, but need to broaden the range a bit on that. Keep it out of the family, basically. You should have enough schoolmates, neighbors, etc., to fantasize about.

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Is it wrong that I'm amused?

On a semi-serious note, please don't wait until you're a popstar, as that's not likely to occur, in the honest truth. That is a great goal, and aim high, so that when you land lower than you wanted you're not at the bottom. Hopefully.

Secondly, demons and gods are simple superstitions that will probably harm your quality of life, particularly if you attribute your behavior to them or ask them to help. As the Devil, I promise you that I will never make you do anything.

While I see incest as a case-by-case basis, the law does not. Neither does genetics in the case of offspring. Jeff is, as always, right. Also, the law is against bestiality as well so I would steer clear of animals, even outside the family. This includes Tea-Party Republicans.

And on a final note, and I beg you to take this seriously: DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, believe that sex will bring you long-term happiness. While it can be pleasurable, it's not a solution to your misery; it is better as an addition to your contentment. There is no joke in this paragraph, to emphasize my seriousness about that point.

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