Who am I?

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I don't even know who I am...
To all these people I'm someone different. To my family I'm the perfect Christian girl to my boyfriend I'm the innocent bad ass girl that's up for fun shit and likes to take drugs to my bestfriend I'm
Her crazy half and looking at me is a reminder of herself... To my boyfriends family im the perfect girl that doesn't do any bad, to Tom I'm the slut. But who am I really? I'm addicted to Facebook because stalking people staring at their lives is intriguing. I have pieces of all these different styles of clothes because I can never seem to pick a look and stay with it.
Maybe it's because this is me. I am this girl with all these broken pieces that never seem to fit together because they're all from different puzzles. But when will I fit together? Will I ever fit together and be one or is this just me awkward and broken.


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Well, the personalities

Well, the personalities you've described are the way others view you, which isn't necessarily who you truly are. Who you are is determined by the way you see yourself, not the way others see you. Whether you're the good girl or the slut or whoever is only a matter of what you see yourself as being.