Yesterday my mum tried to kill herself

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Yeah... I got a call from her number and it was a police officer he said my mother drank about half a bottle of Southern comfort, took twenty five sleeping tablets and was gassing herself with the car on in the garage.... She was talking to her friend and the friend got the idea mum was going to hurt herself so she called the police thank god. She was found unconscious with vomit. Her heart rate was decreasing dramatically and everryone was worried.. But she's ok now I guess.... She still wants to die. She's going to a psych ward.
How do I make her feel better? She keeps saying she wish she hadn't of called her friend and how she just wants to kill herself and all that.. Idk what to say I'm the only one here I'm so tired. By sisters away at camp and I decided not to tell her her ex husband my dad lives in n.t do he can't do much and she doesn't have many friends... Idk what to do.. I'm so exhausted


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That's an awful situation.

But it's important that you don't make it your job to make her feel better, as that seems way over your head.

If she's at the psych ward, one hopes she will be assigned a therapist who will give you guidance as far as what to do with her when she comes home. But you can't make it your role to not make her try again, since there's absolutely no way you can tale on that responsibility.

I'd get the advice from the doctors, maybe they'll get her on new(?) meds, and just do what they say.

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I'm so sorry about your Mom.

Hopefully, she'll get the help she needs. Definitely listen to her doctors.
You should try and get some rest, if possible.

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Shitty situation. I'm really

Shitty situation. I'm really sorry to hear about that. But yeah, you shouldn't take it upon yourself to make it all better for her. Honestly there's not much you can do, since her mental state is her own and it takes professional help to improve that. Trust that the doctors know what they're doing and listen to their advice. Therapy would do her a world of good most likely.