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The Nature of Nicholas

This is a movie which I suspect few of you have seen.

It is primarily a commentary on how two pre-adolescent youth (Nicholas and Bobby; ~12/13?) were coerced by society of the mid-20th century to deal with their "forbidden" mutual attractions. Thank goodness that being gay today is not perceived as the evil that it was then...

The movie is extremely cryptic, surreal, disturbing, and ambiguous on so many levels. It, however, is not a tear-jerker… but you're encouraged to view it to the very end and form your own interpretations (agreement is unlikely) before reading the many YouTube comments!

I believe I saw this movie for the first time in 2007 when it was featured on one of the 15 arts channels on the Voom HD Network (unceremoniously dropped by Dish in 2008). Voom was one of the best things to ever happen to HD TV… but too good to last!.

The first 4 parts on YouTube are posted by coagefilms; parts 5-7, by mystiqueshadow11. If you have difficulty in patching them together, see this link:


Your comments and analysis would be much appreciated!