and now we're back to this

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Wellie wellie wellie wellie well! I've got great news for all of you!
I'm home all alone this weekend!

Not. That actually fucking sucks. You know, before getting a driver's license, you imagine it'll be awesome, think of all the places you can go!
And where exactly are those places? I haven't seen them. Most places I ever have to go on any regular basis, I either do walk or I could and I just drive cause I can.
You don't really get the sense of freedom you imagine you'll get.

Which would be okay... except now I'm fucking lonely.
That's the problem with camp, it's so fucking awesome and there's so many fucking awesome people there, and then it's over and I'm back home, and all fucking alone.
I had pretty good ideas to keep myself occupied all this week, but now it's pretty well all done.
Now here I am, all by myself, and I have no fucking clue what I'm gonna be doing.

But my bigger problem: my dick. Sitting around, I tend to get bored.
When there's nothing else to think about, what does a teenage boy think about? Sex. Of course.
So, even though I don't want to jack off, I just kinda have to.
And it drives me motherfucking insane.
Honestly, the rest of my life had better not be this horny or I swear I'll fucking castrate myself.
Older members, tell me, does it get better?

That's sometimes why I wish I was a girl.

Now, I've got nothing but time and loneliness. I miss my brother, and everyone else at camp.
I'll have to figure something out to entertain myself until 2 weeks from this Tuesday, when we go to the East Coast, and everything will be awesome, I'll get to see my brother again.
If there was some gay guy about my age that was like exactly like my brother, he wouldn't even have to be cute, I'd so be all over that.
But alas.

Anyway, g'night guys, I'm gonna go jack off.


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I think I'm above average as far as being horny, so I wouldn't use me as an example for normal adulthood. ;-)

As for your dick problem, always better to have a bigger rather than smaller one... problem, that is.

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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Very odd complaint!

"...I don't want to jack off..."

Never having experienced this malady... all I can recommend: proceed leisurely and with situation-appropriate mental images. Works for me. Should for you! :)

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Being horny doesn't just go away with age. I can understand your dilemma, if you want to call it that. Idle hands and time, essentially allow you to start fantasizing, which ultimately leads to masturbating. I'm not sure why you think it's a problem, though. As a teen, I was always horny too. It's a little different now, I suppose. Don't worry though it is quite normal. Find something to occupy yourself( besides jerking) and that will keep your mind off of it, temporarily, of course.

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I wasn't thinking

horniness would go away with age, just I've heard that the sexual peak for men comes in their teenage years, and so I was hoping that it would become easier to manage, as in easier to control, rather than jack off at least 3 or 4 times a day.

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thats one good thing with my disorder

i hit a certain age and bam hormones gone down alot although thats awesome because physical pains, but if you get so bored you want a wank watch something, i can recommend a few shows and give you links to them

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On that score...'ve truly got me beat!

Somehow I have a feeling that I may be witnessing an exception... even for a horny gay teen. 3 or 4 is truly exceptional! :)

This may be one for The Guinness Book of World Records.

But there is that little problem of witnesses! :)

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almost every teen male wanks 3-5 times a day...

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You know this...

If you're doing it "right," there's no time left for anything else! Right?

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...its very elementary, i shall say no more.

i do it right, how says i can't do it right alot and do other stuff too

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But I hope each event is as rewarding (or better) than the one preceding: that should be your goal!

Ah... Those URLs you offered swimmerguy... they were to enhance the experience or, to dull his interest in proceeding?

Not at all clear!

However... I am aware that there are internet URLs (most being copies of privately recorded webcams) of videos showing young teens (clearly underage!) going "at it" in quite enjoyable abandon. Legality?... really dunno!

But I feel that it might not be very tasteful to openly publish such links other than via PM or email! :(

Whatever... enjoy! :)

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i wasen't offering porn

i was offering tv shows, he wanted his mind off of it and i would link him to nice shows

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My guess is...

...that he really is not seeking a diversion that'd threaten another good big O! Of course, I'm likely making a major blunder by thinking all of today's teens think like I would: Big mistake... very possibly!

Should I understand, however, that you frequently use this technique to forestall an impending urge? This method is church-sanctioned, I presume?

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ha no

i almost never ignore urges, honestly its one of the few things i can enjoy on my own, no its just some awesome tv shows

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You've now set me "straight!"

You had me genuinely concerned for your sanity (and a healthy prostate) for a while. :)

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i probably have the healthiest prostate here on Oasis, masturbation keeps it healthy

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Exchange notes (PMs)...

...with swimmerguy! My bet is that he's got you beaten by a mile or more!

btw... Do you give free lessons?

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i do not give lessons.....

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Once a day,

is sufficient for keeping the prostate active. Pumpkin seeds, on the other hand, will actually prevent enlargement. You just don't want the poor thing lying dormant.

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if one is good, more must be better


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More can't hurt ya.

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it makes everything better

hehe i was listening to this song:

and it made it sound like i controlled the fate of earth by talking about wanking XD

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It does,

according to the experts at least. I haven't noticed any drop-off myself, but, I don't jerk-off like that anymore. I'm simply pre-occupied with working and my outdoor activities most days.

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to quote greenday...

When masturbation's lost it's fun, you're fuckin' lonely/lazy....depends on the interpretation of the lyrics.

I know for me, there are days where I enjoy jackin off, and there are days I don't. lol.

Go out for a hike, drive up to bellingham, do something fun for the day...or, while your family are gone, order up some food, invite a cute guy over, and have some fun time.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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i have yet to see it lose its fun

maybe i am really lucky