diary of last weekend

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i wrote some words on subway seats last friday :

"i love you & your private hell"
"you're not strange"
"where have all the flowers gone?"

then i went to a "party" and i passed out in the tall grass
and i woke up at 4am and started to dance again and then i stayed up until noon and slept a little and then i ate a little

then on sunday i went dancing during the day and evening again and it was really hot and i got sunstroke again

and a drug dealer became smitten with me over the weekend but i told him i don't want anyone in my life right now so he's leaving me alone. i don't like drug dealers but i suppose he's nice

also i'm getting a moon tattooed on my wrist this wednesday and i think i'm doing a bit better these days with everything

i'm going to leave the city for the weekend without any parties or friends or things so it'll be relaxing and maybe i'll feel better for when i start classes again, i need to stop abusing my body by not sleeping/working 40 hours/taking drugs/not eating enough/smoking/ect but i don't know what else to do. if i'm not doing anything i'm just upset and i've forgotten what i was even upset about in the first place.


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Weren't you quitting smoking?

Have a good weekend!

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (http://youtu.be/Z0FrcTX6hWI)

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it's really difficult to and

it's really difficult to
and i hope i enjoy my weekend thanks jeff

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you fell asleep in tall grass?

be careful a Spearow might get ya ;)

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Or is spearow a scottish word?

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1. its a Pokemon that pecks your eyes out

2. it is also a Scottish word but it means tall grass mixed with farm land

but im talking about the pokemon

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Oh Ok,

Pretty nasty pokemon. I think I like the Scottish version better, though. I guess I incorrectly believe Pokemon characters are harmless.

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yes i was at a rave in a

yes i was at a rave in a field so there was nowhere else to sleep.. I have slept outside a few times now. It's not so bad.

i appreciate the pokemon joke though (-:

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yeah ive slept outside quite a bit

i was just a young boy then

hehe, its always joke time

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you really shouldn't punish yourself like that. Drinking(assuming) in hot weather will dehydrate, couple that with dancing and sweating like a beast, will knock out anyone pretty quick. Water is essential to maintain balance in your body. Sounds like you had a good time anyway.
The tattoo sounds cool, bear in mind though, the wrist is a painful spot to get a tat. Not a lot of meat there ya know. I've got two myself, I have my Libra sign on my right arm just below the deltoid and I put the chinese symbol for dragon on my left forearm(inside). I loved the Egyptian eye I saw at this shop in NH. The artist talked me out of where I wanted to put it,though.

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I wasn't drinking except on

I wasn't drinking except on sunday..

I drink a lot of water though, I always bring tons with me if I'm dancing
I'm getting the tattoo tomorrow, I don't mind if it hurts really!

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Before you go ahead...

Please take the time to write down all the reasons you wish to proceed.

After you're finished and you remain convinced they're all valid, I will continue to wish you the very best!


A new and better life will greet you at university... I'm sure of it! Take full advantage.

Classes commence a week from today... right?

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i know why i need the

i know why i need the tattoo, it's done

i start class next week, yes

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Thanks for posting it! It's simple, and quite unobtrusive!

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Water is critical to good health. I just wanted to give you a head's up about the tattoo. If you've already had one done, then you know what to expect. If not, trying to remain perfectly still while the artist proceeds can be a challenge. The natural reaction is to tense up which can cause the artist to make a mistake. You don't want that because,after all, it's permanent.

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it came out really well!

it came out really well!
i put a photo on my user page

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I suppose the guy who has to repair the seat appreciates the sayings inscribed. I'm not sure if having a good time consists of eating very little and getting a heat stroke. Best to avoid the hustler (drug merchant) pursuing your interest as well.

Take care of yourself, it's not as if we can replace our bodies when we need to. Tuhan knows that I would have replaced my body a few years ago, it's a priority to take care of the soul's inner-home. As said by Bosemaster42, do not punish yourself.

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Well, I am giving someone a

Well, I am giving someone a job by writing on the seat.. they probably won't replace them for a while so I hope people do enjoy the words I've been leaving around

I feel as though if the bus can have advertisements in it other people are entitled to have their say, too! It isn't fair that public space is dominated by what money can buy.

I'm not trying to punish myself, I just lead a very demanding lifestyle, both physically and emotionally. Things will change when I start school, I hope!