Free Write #4

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For my World Lit class I was told to write fifteen things about myself. They could be anything. We weren't given any limitations or concrete guidelines, except that some of them had to be deep and revealing. This is what I wrote.

1) My only real voice exists on paper; I'm more complete than ever when I'm writing.

2) I refuse to eat the outer edges of any flavor of Pop Tarts.

3) I have this insane idea that one day I can save the world with nothing but words.

4) I have an unquenchable desire for knowledge, particularly in the fields of psychology and literature, so I’m going for a double major in psychology and creative writing. (I suppose I’m just a glutton for punishment. Imagine all of that work.)

5) The best and the worst thing about me is that I don’t bond with people very easily, but when I do it has a habit of becoming something profound and unforgettable and terrifying and lovely.

6) I may not embrace the stereotype, but I am indeed fantastically gay.

7) I’m scared of getting close to people because I’m afraid that they’ll leave me. I have plenty of friends, but I’m alone. Not lonely, just alone.

8) I love scavenging for old magazines in antique stores; they smell musty and stale, the way history should smell, and opening them is like opening a time machine.

9) Secretly I’m conceited; I believe that people should aspire to think like I do because then they wouldn’t be so stupid.

10) Oftentimes I feel as if I am only a withdrawn observer in this messed up world; I see the chaos of politics and the tragedies of the world and the overwhelming faults of society and I can only marvel at it disgustedly in my detached little bubble.

11) I’m a pretty nice person usually, easy enough to get along with, but secretly I don’t have a lot of faith in people anymore.

12) I will never ever get my head out of clouds. It’s cozy up here.

I didn't feel like sharing all of them.


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i thought

i was the only one who thought/did most of them

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now you know otherwise :P

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should be
"I refuse to eat *anything*" ;) <3

love your list though. It's really nice and well thought out. You and your fantastic words!!
That's redick!

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We've discussed this. I'm not picky, I just know what I like. Which is mostly junky, fatty, sugary foods :P

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I can identify with,

#1. It's funny, I always eat the edges of the pop tarts first and save the best for last. Cinnamon & sugar are my favorite.
#8. Ditto. I love old books and magazines. In fact, I came across a small collection of really old Mad magazines at a flea market. To this day, I remember two poems I read which were a parody of nursery rhymes.
I recite this one all the time(using an english accent):
Mary had a little Lamb, it's fleece was as white as snow
and everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go.
But, Mary saw the cost of meat, and the prices didn't please her.
So, tonight she's having leg of lamb, and the rest is in the freezer.

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The edges are just...blah. I

The edges are just...blah. I tried eating Pop Tarts with the edges and it just doesn't taste the same!

I'm hoping that my dad will take me to a flea market sometime. He promised he would. It's amazing what sorts of things you can run into at those. How old were those magazines?

Also, I absolutely love that nursery rhyme :P

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That particular issue was dated 1972. It was a hidden gem. Unfortunately, the cover was missing which devalues it, but I didn't give a shit because it was a hilarious read. There was a section inside the mag which contained that poem and several other old fashioned nursery rhymes. The other poem I can remember is:
Twinkle, Twinkle little star
Way up in the sky so far,
How I'd love to spend my days,
Basking in your brilliant rays.
Oh, how I wish that you were near,
In my house, just shining here.
Because, we won't have any light until,
we pay off our electric bill.