Hot damn

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it's hard to watch olympic diving unless I've jacked off first recently...
I mean look at this shit

Shit what an erotic sport.
It makes me realize part of the reason I miss swimming, no more seeing hot guys wearing next to nothing...
I need to get back into it...


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That could be you... a year or so (he's just 2 years your senior)!

I know you've been speaking much less recently about your swimming exploits, but I thought it was just a brief hiatus.

But... you've left the water? :(

New sports are continually be added to the expanding list for Olympians... Why not competitive jacking off? It already exists (albeit rather surreptitiously) in many high school and scout venues...

Maybe even at HVC? Your comment would be welcome!

Judging the victor, however, is where we may disagree... but hope not! :)


How about this pic of Daley?

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swimming and diving are great sports to perv over...although I have to admit, the recent phelps/locthe pics make them look like those guys have small packages. haha

yet all teh chicks in the world still go mad over them, even if they are gay.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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Upon reflection...

I often find "wearing next to nothing" much more erotic than total nudity: It allows free rein on one's active imagination, unhindered by facts. :)

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You know

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I think...

...I knew you would. :)

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watching them is like

playing a game of Olympic Swim Teams or Gay Porn