How can managers be so blind!

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I can't believe the lack of leadership in the company I work for. I have been working in wholesale automotive parts for the last two years. At first, I was grateful for being hired. I started as a route delivery driver. I actually used to enjoy it, because there's no one standing over your shoulder and I liked dealing with many of our customers. I drove for roughly four months before being asked to fill-in inside our warehouse.
The guy who ran the warehouse hurt himself, which turned out to be a blessing, he didn't have a clue with regard to organizing stock in a sensible manner. After taking two months to re-organize all the stock and creating a floor plan, I was asked to take on some warranty work.
This consisted of taking defective items and returning them for credit or replacement according to the manufacturer. Then, I was asked to facilitate customer tool repairs. I've now being doing the warranties and tool repairs for the last year or so. With the added responsiblities I asked for more money and they did bump my pay up. Not enough, in my opinion, but I guess I have to take what I can get considering we are non-union.
The guy who is the 'Warranty Manager' is now selling powertrain(Engines & Transmissions), however, he still holds the title. I'll refer to him as JW. He used to work at the desk next to mine, so I learned how to sell Engines & trannies by observing and listening to him. What kills me is I have more working knowledge of how to do mechanical work. In fact, he asked me on more than one occasion to replace directional bulbs, a headlight, and I fixed one of his electric windows. Anyway, over the last year JW has lost his license to drive(DUI), he was forced to sell the house he owned because his wife is a drug addict. She started taking presciptions for pain due to her back. She graduated to Oxycontin and apparently that wasn't good enough, so she started selling those to buy crack. Now she's doing heroin and if drugs aren't available, she drinks herself into oblivion.
Over the last eight months JW started to change. He was coming into work and couldn't seem to keep his eyes open unless he was getting phone calls. It almost looked like a heroin nod to me. This was going on every week. Some days he's more lucid than others, but it was definitely affecting his sales. There were times he sounded drunk on the phone with customers. I know he wasn't drinking, but I had no idea what he was taking. I covered his ass for several months, helping with sales and arranging core pick-ups. It seemed like I was the only person who noticed the changes until certain customers started asking me if there was something wrong with him. Eventually, customers started calling the owner and complaining. I was called into his office and he asked me what was up with JW. I told him I didn't really know for sure because I don't live with him. I told him my opinion on the matter. I thought he was likely abusing prescription drugs but I had no way of really knowing that. I certainly wasn't going to throw him 'under the bus' if you will. I also told the owner he needed to confront him. JW is in his late fifties. Like he's going to listen to me? They pulled him out of my office and put him in the main building to 'Keep an eye on him'. JW looks like he lost about 60lbs and he's having trouble walking. He looks like he could lose his balance at any moment and just fall over. Believe it or not, he's still selling powertrain and I still have caught many mistakes he's made.
I've been very patient and compassionate with him, but, I've had quite enough of his and his wife's weekly fucking soap opera. No one else in this company seems to give a shit, I guess I'm the fool. Sorry for being long-winded, but there's much more I've left out.