It's Been Ages.

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It has indeed been ages since I've written. Started my first semester of college, and all that.
Basically wanted to write about a specific thing. Outside our mess (canteen), is a board telling us the menu for the day. When I went there yesterday, the following was written.
"Come out of the closet! LGBT sammelan." (BTW sammelan is a meet.)
That's it. No time, date, venue. I was absolutely flabbergasted, but delighted. Clearly, I'm not alone :) However, there's no way to find out what this thing is! Or even attend it. But just the knowledge that something like this is there, is very encouraging.
In other news, this girl who was with me in school,let's call her PV, is also at the same college, and, it's weird, but I've started liking her, sort of. I say sort of, because before this I was half in love with Aachoo, and then after coming here within a few weeks I had stopped thinking about her at all, and now instead I like PV. It's a bit weird, and I'm not giving it too much importance.