My Wêreld

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Got up this morning, decided to lay in bed for a while and watch morning television. Had some nice breakfast and decided to take a bath afterward, then after the bath a shower for my hair. It was nice, usually I don't have the time for that when my Mother is around. Sad really how she's almost always busy now.

Zip to Saturdag nacht. My sister always unloads her children on my Mother to watch them. Case# ? We had just gone to a party for my sister's daughter. The food hurt the shit out of my teeth, never going to eat the food there again where the party was held. My Mother, Father and I headed to the highway, to drop off father.

We dropped him off and he said that there might be rain since the Heavens had sprikled water earlier that day. My Mother had said "I bet, he knows everything about everything", I agreed. This was not to be doubted for what unfolded was quite the shocker. However upon arriving home my Mother and I were watching television.

Then it happened. My phone rang, and it was my sister calling. I regretably informed my mother (of whom my sister could have easily called instead of my phone, I have no fucking idea why she always does that), and so I handed off the hot potato to her. And my sister asked if my Mother could watch the children.

Apparently while my sister and her boyfriend went out to have a good time. My Mother appeard flustered and I motioned to her not to do it since she had barely had any rest since she had got off her job the same day. But alas she accepted the offer and I was kind of in a bitchy mood after that, I won't deny that.

So I told my Mother I was tired and that I was to retire to my bedroom. Then something else happened. BOOM MOTHERFUCKER! Would say the thunder if it had a voice. then it started to sprinkle rain, No big deal I thought. But this was a severe underestimation. After watching some late night television I decided to sleep.

At some points in the night I was awakened by the ruckus of Mother Nature's cleansing of the Earth. I thought nothing of, being too overcome by sleep's sensory-dulling effects. In the Morning I awoke. I went to my window to see the outside, surprisingly the vine which loved to cling to the window screen had been blown almost entirely away.

I got dressed and put on my specs to see the world more clearly. Upon coming downstairs I cheerfully greeted my Mother who seemed at ease. Turns out that my sister and her boyfriend came late enough that when they were to drop off the children, they could not leave because of the storm which was apparently very savage.

So it turns out my Mother didn't have to do much work at all. Which I'm glad for. I was also informed we had a new pool in the backyard. Upon looking out of the window I was greeted by the site of the old three foot hole where our old pool used to be, turned into three foot pool of rainwater. I almost could not believe it.

Never have I ever been so surprised that a (what I thought) "little" storm could do! I then went to investigate, it was a lot of rainwater, it really blew my mind how much there was. But it's all dried out now thanks be to Allah since that would've been a mosquito nightmare had it stuck around.

So that's one thing that occurred recently. :-)
Also, new specs! please ask in PM if you'd like a description of them, I'm not trying to brag or anything. lol

- Lone Wolf