oh fuck, that's moisture

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I bet you guys have probably wondered like I have, if my life was a movie, what song would it start with, and which would it end with?

Frankly, I think it depends on what kind of movie it'd be.
If it was some clever little artsy thing, it'd probably start with this

But if it was a more conventional movie, it'd have to be this

or this

And then the ending, if it was like really sad it'd be

but if it was happy it'd be like

As for my recent 3 week stint at camp, it probably would've started the first beginning and end, or maybe the second beginning.
Anyway, yeah, I was at camp for 3 weeks. I actually got back on Sunday, and it's now Thursday. I haven't posted anything til now because I've actually been doing things.
My computer has an 11:00 shut-off, and I usually only post things in the evening. So I'm doing things all day, and then I want to post a journal and there's sadly no time for me.
Anyway, camp, it was awesome. I won't be able to explain how awesome it was, so I won't try. Camp is just too awesome and too complex to explain to anyone who hasn't been there.
But something you guys might be interested in, Daniel was there at camp again. Didn't expect that. Anyway, long story short, I fucked him.
More accurately, got fucked by him.

Anyway, I learned something that I maybe should have already known but that still kinda surprised me: casual sex ain't really for me.
I mean, it might be just cause I fucking hate Daniel, but the experience wasn't quite as awesome as I thought it'd be. Maybe it was just the surrealism of the moment that kinda turned me off, or whatever.
It's a good thing I did that at camp so I didn't have that awkwardness for weeks or months more.

Anyway, I'll have to try to process it a little more. I'm not sure if I just don't like casual sex as a thing, or if it's just people I legitimately don't like, so I'll have to find that out sometime in the future.
Unless I happen to get into a committed relationship sometime before then.

Other than that, not much.
I've been spending a lot of time on Mormon sites, it's fucking hot.
Is it just Mormons, or do all churches have a huge preoccupation with Satan, in that everything not church sanctioned, in the case of Mormonism; porn, extra-marital or gay sex, profanity, coffee and tea, alcohol and tobacco, any non-prescription drug, immodest clothing or music, or basically anything not on "the straight and narrow (really fucking narrow) path", is not just bad but literally evil and immoral, and doing any of them makes you a "minion of Satan"?

I swear, it would be so hot to just take some innocent cute Mormon guy (I know several) and then just totally corruption-fuck his brains out, we can totally watch some porn, swear a little, drink so much fucking coffee, couple shots of tequila, listen to the most fucked-up music, and I'm not really into drugs, but maybe find some of those too, and then just have the gayest, most extra-marital sex you can fucking imagine, and then afterwards he gives me a pair of his magic Mormon underwear...
That's like my fantasy.
Probably not going to happen, though.
But a boy can imagine, can't he?

Well, I'll probably post more bout what I'm doing later, but until then night guys.


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I, of course, support you finding a relationship and then doing all kinds of sexual things with your boyfriend.

BUT I don't necessarily believe casual sex is bad. It can be, and yours sounds like it was, but there is a path that most people against casual sex never factor in...

Which is that you can still have deeply intimate, caring, amazing sex... and not know the person very well. It's a bit of a dice roll with someone you don't know very well, and can be slightly awkward with someone you know from online, but at some point in the initial kerfuffle you get the sense that things are on a good path. Usually it is when you are entirely sort of fixated on making them happy, they are fixated on you, and there is a tenderness and caring to what is going on.

If you get the sense that they want to use your mouth to essentially masturbate, then abandon ship. Or at least limit things to a handjob, if you want to be a lady about it and not exit the proceedings entirely.

But I am Facebook friends with prior one night stands. I would approach former one night stands at bars when I saw them, we'd hug, catch up on life, and then you can either decide if it's round two or just say, great seeing you, and go back to your friends or your hunt.

There is definitely sex outside of relationships that can be amazingly tender, compassionate and beautiful. And it takes a while until you can sort out whether someone will perform in that role or not.

Also, very few people, in my experience, enjoy anal sex the first few times out of the gate. Unless you've got all sorts of dildo action going on because you have such a hungry impatient ass, it's probably going to be a bit of 'Oh, that's mildly uncomfortable...' for a bit. That's also a good time to be with someone you're connected to so you can guide them to try a different approach, add more lube, or whatever helps you dial it towards pleasure.

And, for a lot of people, anal is sort of the thing that requires a relationship, or some deeper connection... then again, a lot of people are in bars right now hoping to find someone to fuck them tonight, so it cuts both ways.

I should also point out that most people define their anal rules after the fact, so you got fucked by someone guy you didn't like and the experience wasn't all that.... so, guys I don't like should be added to the "Don't Get My Ass" list. After a while, you may add some more to that. And of course, you'll also sort out a "Get My Ass" list, which is often the shorter of the two.

The upside, "Guys who I Fucking Hate," is an excellent first entry on the "Don't Get My Ass" list. Some people will avoid that one on their list by not being penetrated by people they dislike. But experience is always more fun than assumption, as long as it is safe sex, of course.

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (http://youtu.be/Z0FrcTX6hWI)

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Metaphorically... or, literally?

Daniel must be exceedingly persuasive... His first?

Whatever: A+ for a valuable learning experience! :)


Edit: Will view the selected videos when I get back home from Europe (week from today).

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I don't think you need him to tell you...

that it was probably a lot of both, considering the tone of the whole thing! ahaha!
That's redick!