This Inspires Me!

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I saw this commercial during the Olympics and I just totally love it, he's so much like me!

Thank you Nathan! Keep on running!

I've always been a Adidas guy but now I have a reason to love Nike!



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Yes... it is quite inspiring!

As a nation we are suffering an epidemic of parents who allow their children to consume a diet consisting mostly of junk food (i.e., empty calories) and to sit for hours on end in front of the TV or PC with virtually no physical exercise!

Very sad... I hope this wakes up at least a few...

A good diet and frequent rigorous exercise is so important in establishing a healthy and beautiful body... and long life!

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its funny how nike did this consideriding

the fact that they use basically Child slaves to make their products

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That connection is a bit of a stretch...

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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not really


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That guys' awesome.

especially the ad w/ him running w the disabled girl.

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I didn't see that one, I

I didn't see that one, I looked on YouTube and couldn't find it either.

The way the kid runs in that commercial inspires me because I can't even run, I can barely climb a flight of steps because of my physical limitations...but someday I'll run like him!!!!


P.S-How's Hell doing?