Those Indivisible Twosomes

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My summer is drawing to a close. I have exactly eight days to enjoy it, and what do I do? I get myself grounded. Mind you, I've only been grounded one other time in my life, only because for whatever reason my mom is not the punishing type. I went out with Brittany Thursday evening. I was told to be back home by 11:30 at the very latest. I didn't come home until three in the morning.

Brittany and I had been having a great conversation through text about the failures of today's society and government all week. A conversation with her is never empty or meaningless. It's incredible. We got on the topic of the legalization of gay marriage and she said I was brave and admirable for...just being gay in a straight world, I suppose. 'Twas wonderful to open up to her about that topic, share with her my thoughts on not just that specifically, but the world in general. Anywho, the heart to heart ended with her inviting me over to her place.

I am very, very sad because Brittany cut her hair. Her long, flowing, silky, beautiful reddish-blondish-I-dunno-what-color hair. The hair that I've always wanted to bury my face in or run my fingers through. It's up to a little past her shoulders now. Truly a tragedy. It's okay. She's still lovely.

There's this little city fair of sorts here every August that we ended up at. It was just a short walk from her house. Luckily it wasn't too packed since it was a weekday. We roamed around for a bit, then we jumped on this ride that swings back and forth until it's almost perpendicular to the ground. I've ridden that ride every year since I was a youngster. Brittany has a very weak stomach, I found out. She was freaking out the whole minute it lasted. It was hilarious! She loves roller coasters and stuff like that, but she can barely handle it. I am definitely inviting her to Six Flags next time I go. Hehe.

After that, we roamed around some more, just, y'know, talking and stuff. Then we found an isolated spot and played hackey sack. I dunno why that girl insists on playing it because we both suck at it. Then we sat down and shared a funnel cake (sort of; I only took a few bites because those things make my stomach feel odd). We stuck around for a total of two hours and then we headed back to her house, where we watched two episodes of Dr. Who and this really bizarre Chinese/Japanese thriller called Oldboy.

Oldboy is basically about this guy who's locked in a room for fifteen years and then goes on this mission to find out why. It is the weirdest movie ever. I can't even explain it. Also very...psychosexual, you could say. This really graphic and nasty sex scene popped up and my face turned a brilliant shade of red. I mean, watching a guy unknowingly fuck his own daughter like they're having a violent seizure isn't exactly the most comfortable thing to watch with your crush. Brittany didn't really react though.

And the entire time we were sitting on that couch, all I wanted to do was cuddle with her. I had mad cuddle urges. But I was too scared. Y'know, my other friends and I used to cuddle up together when we watched movies. But whatever.

So now I have to negotiate with my mom so Brittany can come over and swim before school starts. I still have my laptop, my cell phone, my iPod. I just can't go anywhere with friends. I'd be more than willing to give all that up just so we can have another night in the pool...and so I can see her in a bikini again. Wink.


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you mean Strawberry Blonde?

her hair colour that is.

i haven't been grounded in months, actually when i get grounded i get forced to stay downstairs away from my eletronics, and watch tv with who ever is there, which is more terrifying than it sounds.

i have resisted the urge to destroy the laptop when i talked and watched a livestream with Sanny

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No, no. It's more like...a

No, no. It's more like...a bright blondish orange. So more like carrot blonde. Maybe. I dunno. I don't really know my hair colors :P

That sounds awful. I must be really lucky. My mom really sucks at grounding my sister and I. I asked her tonight if I could still have Brittany over and she said yes. What the hell.

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sort of like a light Ginger colour?

i heard my mum saying that was her plan when she got in a argument with my brother, he was complaining that he got sent to his room and i never do, because i get into no trouble and stay in my room all day XD, so she said she'd make me socialize, go outside or sit in the living room as punishment

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Yeah, like that. It's the prettiest hair color ever :P

I'm the exact same way! I stay in my basement all day, so I don't know what my mom was thinking by telling me to stay home as punishment. I already do that! Forcing me to be among people would be a much better punishment :P

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parents aren't very smart that way, they just want you away from them as a punishment but almost nobody wants to be around them for long anyway XD