3 years

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I'll probably even write a journal when I'm not up to my asshole buried in homework.


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Yep… 3 years!

In just a few hours' time… starting with a Forum post.

But when the Journals started to appear a few days later… Wow!

We were blessed with a flood of near-daily, many and varied eloquent discourses that allowed us metaphorical entry into the inner workings of a mind consumed with seemingly-insatiable curiosity and views (i.e., for an 8th grader!).

Thank you, swimmerguy! (btw: either "pianist" or "violinist" would've worked equally well!)

And, please… here's hoping that you will continue to share your musings with us well beyond high school and into your university years!

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Why didn't I ever get such a cheery compliment on my three-year anniversary? You're holding out on me, elph! You and Swimmerguy are clearly in cahoots. CAHOOTS I SAY

Ah yes. Happy three years of madness. Belated.


* * *

Something just broke.

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Ah... maybe it was because...

you never really let any of us in?

And, then, there was the problem of keeping track of "who" you might be on any particular day. So many personae! :)

Nevertheless... welcome back, and may your sleep be filled with beautiful dreams!

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Did you alert anyone to that fact? Typically the user has to sort of mention the anniversary. What replies would have happened to that are all speculative in absence of that occurring. I know I don't track such things. Would be nice if the system tracked it, though. May have to put that on the features list for a future rev.

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