A Day in the (Rather Uneventful Really) Life

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Got up around 10. Drank the last of the milk with instant breakfast in it.
Got dressed by noon. When I got out of the shower I found a note saying my parents would be back in 4 hours, so I took advantage of that time to finish my home work and watch the season premier of Doctor Who, which I somehow forgot was about to happen (but thankfully recorded).
A few minutes after my parents returned I printed out my ten-page analysis of Of Mice and Men and started planning my birthday party. The theme is "Birthday on the Orient Express," and I'm going to decorate the house like a giant train where a murder happened. It's going to be my most ambitious mystery party yet--and that's saying something.
At six o'clock my mom returned from Tu Casa with take-out, which I ate WAAAAY too fast. The next hour was spent near the toilet reading a Star Trek coffee table book.
A few hours and a couple of chorse later and I was having a major identity crisis caused in part by the sheer stupidity of my new bangs, but Mom smoothed it over and sent me on my way to ablute and go to bed. However, as I emerged from the bathroom I heard a bellow coming from my parents room and my mom flew out, glanced at me, announced she was taking my dad to the ER, and ran downstairs. So here I am, waiting for her to text me that my dad's eye is OK (his contact len ripped and got caught in his eye, so of course his reaction was to poke at it...you get the picture). But this way I get to stay up later! :)
Oh, and tomorrow is my first day of high school. And my next audition. *Jitters*


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Your party theme,

is a pretty cool idea. I hope your dad is okay? You know, I can witness some pretty gory things, however, when it comes to the eye/s, I get a little freaked out. Good luck with school and your audition.

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dad's ok

he may have overreacted a little...
thanks. school was ok, i made it everywhere ontime. & auditions actually went pretty well i think! (more in my nxt journal)

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