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Last Saturday night, I took LSD and I'm using this journal to chronicle what I remember of my experience and thoughts, but beforehand - I don't advocate use of drugs. If you're doing drugs you should be educated on the possible adverse effects of what you're doing. You should also do them in a safe environment with people you trust.

I'm also not looking for judgement on my lifestyle or choices, be it good or bad. This is a reference for myself that I also want to share with people who are interested.

On Saturday night there was a Psytrance rave from 1030pm - 700am. I got a free tab of acid off my current romantic interest and took the tab about 30 minutes before arriving.

The first thing I remember is an overwhelming euphoria - a very different kind than other drugs like MDMA, a much stronger one. The rave was actually located inside a room above some shops, and I remember sitting in a storefront, smoking cigarettes and talking to my friend about potentially turning into a thrift store bobbles.

I kept going in and out for a bit to see the people I knew. I was also a bit nervous since I wasn't experiencing any of the open eye visuals at this point.

I began to get some of the open-eye visuals at one point when I was with some of my friends outside. I was giving them a nug of weed and I noticed it was breathing. Everything seems to breathe on acid. My depth perception was also warped - things looked much closer together and I could compare my vision to looking through a fisheye lens. Patterns also appeared on uniform surfaces.

Closed eye visuals were also quite interesting, usually patterns based on triangular shapes, with many of them involving, oddly, Batman, dolphins and series of letters and numbers.

The main thing of LSD that really caused the "trip" was the difference in perspective of time. Passing of time seemed directly linked to the space I was occupying - if I was outside or in the room or dancing. 5 minutes could feel like 3 hours. If I went to occupy a different space, the time spent in a previous space seemed like eons ago.

Some of the cooler visual / aural experiences :

- Looking at plants and flowers was very cool since they seemed to be constantly growing. I put a flower in a pill bottle and stared at it for what felt like an hour (it was really about 7 minutes, though).

- Music had a physical effect on me, and dancing felt so easy and thoughtless.

- Walking outside in the morning when the sun rose was beautiful. I could hear the wind whispering and see clouds forming into shapes, one of which was a palace being carried by an elephant. If I am to take LSD again, I will do it during the day-time.

Some of the less cool visual / emotional experiences :

- Looking at my face in a mirror. I saw my face completely distorted and moving in ways I was not moving, and it was one of the most disturbing things I've seen in my lifetime.

- At 5AM, a few of the really drugged-up guests decided to smoke a "space joint" (DMT). The cackle produced by these people was the worst noise I have heard in my entire life. I can't even describe it.

- A brief moment where I felt as though the experience was overwhelming - I remember clearly wanting the experience to stop at one point since I was very confused.I should point out that the set up/decor of the rave was completely trippy. There were walls covered in geometrical patterns, sculptures, paintings... There was something new to notice each time you'd go into one of the rooms. It made for an overwhelming experience.

I had a mostly introspective trip. LSD allows you to disassociate yourself while you're on it, and it gave me a lot to think about, and I'm still thinking about it. I realized what a negative outlook I had on myself and life and it made me want to change things for the better. For the first time in a very long time I felt actively involved with the people around me and with myself.

I still have a lot to define and there's much more to this than what I've journalled here, but overall I can say that taking LSD was a life-changing experience and that it has inspired me to make better life choices.


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Sounds like an overall cool experience,

Even if it wasn't all pleasureable. I have wanted to try LSD for a while because of the effects. They sound interesing.

Glad to see you around... I may or may not need your assistance in my bw photography class. My teacher is... interesting, and I have a feeling I might not always understand what she's talking about..
That's redick!

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Send me a facebook message!

Send me a facebook message for your photography class if you need help! :)

In regards to LSD, I would wait until you're with the right people in the right setting if you're looking to try it. It also helps to have someone "babysitting" in case something goes awry. Make sure you do your research on possible effects, beneficial or not.

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Of course!

It would be silly to do ANY drugs not in a setting you've described unless you're completely excessively familiar with it. I'm safe about stuff, promise :)

Thanks for the help!!! C': <3 I really need some :') I"ll talk to you next time I'm on facebook (gonna take a nap righ t now so not for at least a while).
That's redick!

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It's no problem! I'm at

It's no problem! I'm at school until later, just send me a message. :)

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One thing I learned,

about LSD is you never want to look in a mirror. You could wind up looking at yourself for hours(or a least it seems like it). It is amazing what happens if you do happen to peek. Some people deal with it better than others. Sounds like you had a very good experience though. The drug lasts for such a long time, the feeling of wishing it would end is pretty common. If you do happen to take in the daytime, you should try doing that in a wooded setting or forest, if possible.
I've always liked the 'day after' tripping because my mind would be clear
and quite focused. It's almost akin to a 'mind fuck', or something like that.
Acid seems to allow the individual to access areas of the sub-conscious mind, as well. Doing this in a safe environment is essential to a good trip.
Being in the right frame of mind before taking it is also advisable.

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I looked at myself while

I looked at myself while going to the bathroom and I ran out, but the image is still really vivid in my brain. It was quite terrifying.

I did have a really good experience, even though at times I wanted it to stop since my environment was over-stimulating and I have never taken a drug in the range of LSD/acid before.

The morning tripping was really neat. I would just look at things and see how they were different while I was on acid.

It's funny that you said a forest because that's exactly what I was thinking, but of course you'd need ample supplies and a way out if needed.

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I distinctly remember, several years ago, I was in a gas station bathroom trying to take a piss. For the first time in my life, I couldn't go.
I knew I had to, but the shit hit me so hard, I couldn't relax enough. Finally, I did go and it felt weird. I flushed the toilet and I'll swear to this day the swirl in the bowl was travelling counter-clockwise.
Yeah, the last time I tripped was two years ago in the Harold Parker State Forest. You will need plenty of liquids, a compass, and enough provisions, just in case. A well built fire(if allowed) adds to the experience. We hiked to the highest hill in the forest. At the top, there's an old fire tower and signal tower, as long as the sky is clear, you can see Boston in the distance.

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Your experience in the

Your experience in the forest sounds really beautiful!

The counter-clockwise water is something I'm quite unlikely to notice, though.

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It was one to remember,

I laughed like a Hyena all night. My face felt like it was contorted into a shit-eatin grin. That forest has a real nice walk-through bog area. Tons of insects and wetland flora. Not unusual to see deer up near the peak. It's amazing how the senses are on full alert while in the forest.

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I know you're not looking

I know you're not looking for judgement or anything, but LSD is one of the most dangerous drugs out there. Just so you know.

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First off, any drug from

First off, any drug from cannabis to alcohol to LSD to cocaine to caffeine is potentially addictive and dangerous. Once again, I don't advocate use of drugs and I hope that this journal doesn't encourage anyone reading to start taking drugs, especially if you're underage or haven't done drugs before. Most drugs will leave you feeling like shit.

From my own research on LSD - there are very few deaths linked directly to overdosing on LSD alone, and most experiences of bad trips are from people taking anti-depressants at the same time which can cause HPPV. Psychosis "caused" by LSD is simply latent in some people and would have occured at some point in the future - you must be pre-disposed to it, which most people are not.

Further, taking benzopiates will cut off a trip, and I had Ativan on me in case I (or someone else) began to bad trip. Lastly, LSD has very little potential for physical addiction. Any drug is potentially addicting, however, depending on the environnent and your state of mind.

I'd be much more cautious of a more common drug like ecstasy because you have no idea what's in it - usually a mix of speed/meth/MDMA/caffeine/MPPV, but could be anything and I strongly discourage use of those tablets which are usually cast-offs of making these drugs in purer forms. As well, opiates (heroine, morphine) and some alkaloids (like cocaine) have a stronger potential for addiction and should not be used by anyone in my opinion.

I personally don't find LSD to be as dangerous as other drugs, but I could be wrong. If you could link me to some research I would appreciate it, though.

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It's not as dangerous,

as some would believe. However, over consumption can cause problems.
I've heard L.S.D. can cause back problems in cases of it's abuse. I've never looked at any studies regarding LSD becoming stored by the body in spinal fluid. I'll have to check that. Also, it's best not to take it consecutively in a week's time, for instance, because there is immunity to contend with and would require higher(more) doses. But, your probably already aware of that.

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Over-consumption of any drug

Over-consumption of any drug can be dangerous. Over 600mg of caffeine can be fatal to some people. To give an idea, in the US, a Venti sized coffee contains 415mg.

In regards to LSD and storage in spinal fluid :

"A legend which falsely instills a fear of a non-existent effect of LSD is that the body stores crystallized LSD in spinal fluid or in fat cells, which at some point dislodges and causes horrific flashbacks, perhaps years later.[31]
This legend may have its foundation in the fact that chronic use can result in persistent psychosis and hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD).[32] However, all of these conditions are now considered to be psychological phenomena and not due to drug residues.[33]
There remains no consensus regarding the nature and causes of HPPD or flashbacks. A study of 44 HPPD subjects who had previously ingested LSD showed EEG abnormalities.[34] Given that some symptoms have environmental triggers, it may represent a failure to adjust visual processing to changing environmental conditions. There are no explanations for why only some individuals develop HPPD. Explanations in terms of LSD physically remaining in the body for months or years after consumption have been discounted by experimental evidence.[34]
Although the body does store some toxins in fat tissue, and residues of some drugs and toxins can be found in spinal fluid, LSD is not among these. LSD is metabolized by the liver, and has an elimination half-life of around 3–5 hours, and is insoluble in fats, being an alkaloid."

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I saw it was nothing but urban legend. Figures. Not unlike the whole 'reefer madness' bull-shit. Thank you for the detailed breakdown.
I think it's been two years since I've taken it, but if the situation was right I wouldn't mind 'losing' myself again.