Again Goes To A Gain

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So yeah I'm keeping my head obove the water in my classes, save math. But math is being worked on so I'm going to get that shit together. But yeah I'm surviving and that's what matters to me. There's a new event I have no idea how to feel about. It seems so stupid how these things are going right back to where they were.

My sister's moving out next friday. Whopdeedoo. What the fuck does that even mean anymore? I guess I'm going to have another mental freakout because things are changing again. I have a problem with change I suppose. But only when that change is a change in my home life. My sister decided on it because she's 26.

Now I finally know her age. I thought she was like 22 or 23 for the longest time. Well I suppose she isn't acting how a 26 year old mother acts I suppose. I'll be glad that my sister is gone but not so much for the children. I honestly hope that my sister can provide for them. She's so damn proud of herself and that's going to be her undoing.

But this mean I'll get my home back. I'll be able to sanitize and clean to my heart's content! Lo! It is I who get the opportunity to clean and live in a nice healthy home once again without fear of having it all undone in one hour but within a week and a half thereof. I get to go in and out of my home whenever I feel.

I will be free. It's the most selfish declaration but what my sister decides, then she has made up her mind and who am I to tell her what she should think? 26 years old my Mother says to her. And it appears that my sister has begun to resent my Mother to the point that my sister has decided to move because of my Mother.

How nice it will be, oh dear God I never thought I'd see the day. I will tell my friends, I will tell the world, I am once again free to be in my own home. How nice it will be to be in a clean home and be free this is truly something to me.

Let me know how you (the reader) are doing. :-)


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I'm doing

ok, thx 4 asking. Congratulations on getting your house back.

"It's a helluva start, knowing what makes you happy."
--Lucille Ball