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Will write a journal in a few days, if anyone cares.


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I care.

I care.

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Add me to the list...

But answer me this: What could contribute to your thinking otherwise?


Yeah, I know... that intro to my response (immediately above) is a tad awkward, but in my near-daily reading of a prolific (shall we say, excessively so?) SF author (no need to guess; it's David Weber), I'm continually coming across an odd (at least, for me) expression of his that I don't think I've encountered from any other author: "He looked a question."

Or... am I needing to read more from better authors?

Of course... I understand the statement; but expressing it like this seems, maybe, just a bit idiosyncratic. You think?

btw: I ask this only because it seems that you do write quite well. :)