Exorcisms don't work... either!

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"Conversion therapies" exist without a shred of scientific evidence in support of either a need or their efficacy: They are nothing but just one more lucrative "get rich scam" offered by unscrupulous charlatans.

Being gay just IS!

Here's one man's story of failed attempts... and $30,000 poorer:


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I would like to think,

most intelligent people would understand that being gay isn't a choice, really. To be duped into spending that kind of money trying to 'change' yourself is foolish. I'm a perfect example of someone who didn't want to accept this fact, it just took me longer, and frankly I grew tired of fighting against myself for so many years. There is no cure, you just have to roll with it.

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Thank you...

I guess that's about all I can add...

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but I'm glad this man is alive to tell his story. After all some never live to tell about their experiences with the so-called conversion therapy.