Going good.

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Although I've been a bit stressed lately, I'm finally sinking into adaptation. It only took three weeks of this crap but I'm getting used to it. Although I can tell my Mother is starting to get sick of it. Although I can deal with the home situation and my course work, I'd still prefer that my sister decide to get a job and small apartment.

But yeah, just not so bad for right now. I passed my test in my IT class and I took my math test but I won't know how I've done until Maandag or Wensdag. All in all things are going good. Not well or bad, but good. And good is okay with, Allah being the guiding light is the help I receive. And Allah's help is most welcome.

Music is still a constant in my life, I've been playing my classical guitar and banjo, but my banjo's D string snapped at the bridge. I figured it wouldn't even be worth salvaging, so for now I have no replacement for it. Soon I will aquire a proper set of strings though. But yeah I still play music for peace and for relaxation.

My braces have been going very well. A tooth that had for the longest time been awkwardly pointed inward is now being pulled noticeable outward. They're not so bad really, you actually get used to them and may even forget they're there. Although my smile looks a bit silly, I still welcome these smile fixers.

So I'm surviving, how about you (the reader)? :-\


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Good to hear your doing well in spite of the chaos. The chicklets(teeth) are important. Thanks for the kind words regarding my poem too. At least somebody read it! Good luck in school.

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and you're welcome for my comment on your poem. :-)