Graveside Serenade

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I was contemplating submitting this following poem for a Halloween-themed contest on Tell me what you think, or whether it's worthy enough for submission. Thanks for the help.
Shadows fall against the gravestones of this forgotten cemetery.
Underground, the dead begin to stir, right behind the mortuary.
In the dead of night, beware the darkness, a doorway to their lair.
Hallows eve fast approaches, a scent of brimstone in the air.
Rise up, destitute souls, walk with me, in this undead parade.
The frightened cries of the living, muted by this graveside serenade.
Animated corpses, dead-walk marching, down into the hollow.
Their tortured moans joined in chorus, compelling them to follow.
Taste of the living's flesh and blood, so fresh and so unspoiled.
The devil's wishes now fulfilled, resurrection from the soil.
Empty and devoid of spirit, no guilt, no joy, no accolades.
The frightened cries of the living, muted by this graveside serenade.


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Do it!

but correct the spelling of cemetery! :)

btw... there's a street in my hometown named cemetery.

But half the street signs read "cemetary" and the others --- correctly --- show "cemetery!"

So... you're in good company!

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Thanks Keith. I missed that one. I wasn't sure if it was creepy enough. The title is the prompt I chose, provided by one of the members running the contest. Cemetery Street? Hmm. At the corner of Mausoleum St. and Crematorium Rd.? Sorry, i couldn't resist.

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Pretty good!

I wouldn't be at all surprised if there weren't such an intersection!

btw: Cemetery streets, avenues, boulevards are not that uncommon in American cities... often serving as the street leading to a community's main cemetery.

Years ago on frequent trips to far northern Wisconsin, I can recall my repeatedly passing an actual cemetery (can't immediately recall the community) where the plaque at its entrance displayed "cemetery" misspelled!

The error itself didn't surprise me (as it's a common one)... what really roused my curiosity was why there seemed to be no effort to correct it!

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I'm aware of the endless creativity of naming streets. As a teen, I had the priviledge of visiting several famous graveyards in my home city of Cambridge, Ma. Specifically, Mt Auburn Cemetery. It was one of the first 'garden' type cemeteries of it's era. Now it's a National landmark. There's a Mausoleum section in this cemetery that is just stunning to the senses. Not to mention, how many important historical figures are buried there. Longfellow's whole family is in one of the Mausoleum's there.
One of my other favorites is Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord,Ma. They have a whole section devoted to famous authors and poets, my fave, of course, is Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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It paints quite the picture!

I highly recommend entering it. ;-)

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thanks so much. I will indeed enter it then.