Hello, All

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I'm new. The name's Charlie (one of my own creation that I'm still getting used to.)

I'm pretty positive that I'm trans* but as of now I'm sticking with genderqueer.

Talking about this is basically terrifying because I have only ever told my girlfriend about me thinking I might be trans*.

I'm in college and living on a floor with girls and having to share a communal bathroom with them is terrifying.

I fell horrendously out of place.

But then again I don't seem to fit any where.

Anyway, hello and hopefully I'll be posting on here for awhile.


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welcome to oasis.


It's a good place, despite the occasional drama. Hope you find what you need here.


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I do too.

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Welcome to Oasis Journals, I hope you find help for anything you need here. :-)

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welcome. this place is cool.

"It's a helluva start, knowing what makes you happy."
--Lucille Ball

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Welcome! Your story sounds


Your story sounds interesting...I can't wait to read more from you!


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Hello there

Welcome, Charlie.

As a sporadic-and-unreliably-present-who-happens-to-have-been-here-a-while, I can tell you that this is a lovely community (usually) full of lovely people (when neither I nor Jeff is here, at least, it was last time I popped by). So. As groups of unstable, hormonal teenagers and questionably sane adults (Here's looking at you, Jeff) go, this ain't a bad one to settle for. If you ever need anything, please, message me, and I'll eventually get back to you.


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