hmmm, just a nice little essay i wrote that i thought you might enjoy...

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note that this is not my actually desire, to have a hateful society. my desire is the opposite, and i wrote this in such a way as to outline the things in our society that we are doing that generate hate.

How to create a society that hates.
Humans are funny little things. On the surface, they seem as though they are civil and compassionate. Yet, right under the surface of that, a wild beast tears at its chains and gnashes its teeth. This beast is primordial, and its name is hate. Releasing hate is far easier than one might think; in fact hate will often release himself for the most minor of infractions, But most of the time when hate releases himself, he goes wild, and expends himself relatively quickly in a fit of rage. I propose that a much more efficient way to make people hate is to create a culture completely permeated by hate, a constant see of savagery simmering just below the surface. It is this author’s humble opinion that the best way to make a society full of hate is a combination compartmentalization and ignorance.

Compartmentalization is the practice of taking individuals, in all their colorful diversity, and putting an all encompassing label on groups of individuals who share traits. People will often be compartmentalized into many different boxes with no regard for their individuality. For example, I would fit into the boxes ‘atheist’ ‘homosexual’ ‘middle class’ ‘liberal’ and ‘cynical’ to name just a few. Now, once you have reduced people to labels rather then, well, people, you need to build a hierarchy with certain boxes at the top, and certain boxes at the bottom. Let me give a few examples of where people will fit in the balance of power due to their boxes in our society. Jason is ‘male’ ‘white’ ‘wealthy’ ‘Christian’ and ‘educated’. Jason, by the boxes he is in, is at the top of our society. Now let’s look at Johnson. Johnson is ‘male’ ‘black’ ‘wealthy’ ‘Christian’ and ‘educated’. Johnson is pretty high up in our society, but slightly lower than Jason, because he is black rather than white. Finally, let us look at Matilda, who is ‘black’ ‘female’ ‘transsexual’ ‘poor’ and ‘homosexual’. Matildas’ boxes bring her to the very bottom of society. Now, once you have arranged the ‘desirable’ boxes at the top, and the ‘undesirable’ boxes at the bottom, you have to make all the boxes hate each other. This will largely happen on its own, due to human nature turning everything into an ‘us’ and ‘them’ situation. The ‘black’ box will almost naturally hate the ‘white’ box, and vise versa. The ‘rich’ box will instantly turn on the ‘poor’ box, and the ‘poor’ box will hate the ‘rich’ box for it. The point of arranging the boxes in a hierarchy is two pronged. Firstly the boxes on bottom will hate the boxes on top for having the power, and the boxes on top will hate the boxes on bottom for wanting to take their place on top. If you are lucky, the boxes on the bottom will start to hate each other too, in a kind of petty “if we must be on the bottom of the social ladder, so must you.” Secondly, compartmentalizing an entire group of people takes the human aspect out of that group. Hating gay people is easy when you have never been personally close with one. It takes away those nasty feelings of conflict that can arise when trying to hate a group of people that you know members of on a personal level. So, you see, compartmentalizing a society can create a climate in which every group of people, powerful or weak, hate one another.

A second ally to hate is ignorance; and we are not talking ignorance of how to do trigonometry or the intricacies clothes washing. The ignorance we are discussing is far more insidious, and corrupts everything it touches. This is the powerful ignorance of not understanding other people and their walks in life. It is the type of ignorance that drives people to call Muslims towel heads, Mexicans wetbacks, and Gays faggots. It is an ignorance of those who cannot imagine what it is like to be anyone besides themselves. It is an ignorance that generates fear, for people fear that which they do not know or understand. Fear and hate are hot, passionate lovers, it turns out. They run in such a parallel and intertwined way that they are often one in the same. If you can fill your society with the kind of ignorance that generates fear, then you will have an actively hateful society. The more people that can be left ignorant about the most kinds of other people possible, the better. The best part is the ignorance is often hereditary. An ignorant person will produce children, and be unable to teach the children of the things they are themselves ignorant of, so the child’s likelihood of ever filling in that piece of ignorance is reduced considerably. There is a certain beauty in the vicious cycle of ignorance and hate that is passed like an STD from parent to child. It could almost bring a tear of joy to my eye, if I was not so busy being hateful. As long as the Hispanics stay ignorant of the gays, and the gays stay ignorant of the Muslims, and the Muslims stay ignorant of the Canadians, and so on and so forth, we will have a society firmly settled in the warm embrace of hatred. Along with fear, who has spent many a night in hates warm embrace, but we won’t go into all that that entails. Don’t ask. Anyway, ignorance is a wonderful substance, surprisingly easy to create, and it leads to hatred on a scale unknown to those lacking in such ignorance. As a society with the goal of being as hateful as possible, on all different levels, we ought to spread this ignorance around thick, in as many places as possible.

I could write an entire book on how to make a society hateful, perhaps an entire host of books, but I will leave you with this very basic and unrefined outline of how to make a society hateful. We must man the guns of compartmentalization and ignorance faithfully if we want to win the ware against love and acceptance. So you should be asking yourself at this point, are you doing your part to make our society hateful? When is the last time you generalized an entire group of people by making a blanket statement about them, or thought poorly of someone while being ignorant of who they really are? Maybe if you really care about hate, and you haven’t done either of those things today, you should get on with it. Time is ticking after all, and there is so much hate to be spread and so many minds to be closed, that we cannot afford to waste time on things like kindness and human decency.


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okay it took me like 4 hours to read this

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good essay though
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sorry, this had paragraphs in word, and then i just assumed they carried through when i copy pasted.

"A loving man and woman in a committed relationship can marry. Dogs, no matter what their relationship, are not allowed to marry. How should society treat gays and lesbians in committed relationships? As dogs or as humans?"

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MUCH BETTER C: <3 thanks, Ferrets!

Also- great to see you C:
That's redick!

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The content,

in this case, is far more important than the structure in my opinion.
Good essay.

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Welcome home, ferrets!

A wonderful essay on sarcasm. Was this a school exercise?

I sort of liked the way you summed it all up:

"Time is ticking after all, and there is so much hate to be spread and so many minds to be closed, that we cannot afford to waste time on things like kindness and human decency."

I wish you might have continued on in the same vain with this title:

What are the societal benefits from the fanning of hate?

Of course, that title also invites cynicism... and I really do not believe there is any "benefit" --- just the opposite!

But doesn't it stand to reason that with so much hate, someone must feel that it will lead to a desirable end?

Maybe you could make a rational argument in support of hate? :(


btw#1: I have the same problem when copy-pasting from Word to Oasis. So far, my only solution is to make the necessary corrections on Oasis before posting.

btw#2: Just another thought: Is there any real challenge to religion's privileged position as the generator par excellence for hate?

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was indeed for school, i had to read it aloud to my class.

there is a certain opposition, most prominatley in the form of the 'new atheists' (i.e richard dawkins, christopher hitchens, daniel denit, etc) but also some from moderate reliogious groups, and also from some humanist groups, but not nearly the outcry or resistance that it ought to have thrown against it.

"A loving man and woman in a committed relationship can marry. Dogs, no matter what their relationship, are not allowed to marry. How should society treat gays and lesbians in committed relationships? As dogs or as humans?"