how do you know if your still in love

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Just wanted to see if anybody was every in love then they feel out of love and how did they know they weren't in love with the person anymore.

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Well uhm...

To start off, typical attraction hormones (butterflies, tingles when you touch, blushing a lot, heart rate, etc) can last anywhere from a month to 3 months of the premier introduction.

After a while, the infatuation wears off, and love is replaced, slowly, or it's not. If you suddenly don't want to touch the person any more (different than it feeling rather plain), and you don't feel comfortable displaying affection, as well as not caring about their wellbeing or how you're affecting them, or if you're really annoyed by taking care of them/being with them/ committed to them, then yeah. That's probably falling out of love.

Not to be confused with infatuation wearing off or the bedroom getting stale, of course ;)
That's redick!