I think elph would be interested in this.

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A song from the upcoming deadmau5 album:

I knew he was good at intros, but this is just ridiculous.
Anyway, the reason I think elph would be interested in this is because it's an artistic masterpiece in my opinion. I believe deadmau5 has reached Mozart's level of composition with this song. With the emergence of electronic and digital forms of making music, I think music has once again become as artistic as it was in the Romantic era. Composers are once again becoming as popular–and even more popular–than rock bands and talentless pop "singers".
Elph, (if you're reading) what's your opinion on this?


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Yeah... Thanks for thinking of me

It is a vast improvement (clearly subjective on my part) over other selections posted earlier.

The introduction was somewhat hypnotic; the simulated piano introduced at 2:53 and again at 6:30 was nice; the disco-style beat at 3:42 (again at 7:20) reminded me very much of the Copenhagen discos of the mid-70s... Fond memories!

However (a big one!)... what I really enjoy is live vocal, physical, and instrumental virtuosity that unmistakably exudes the years of dedication to a chosen art.

For full enjoyment... I desperately would like to have at least one other (human!) sitting not far away who may be similarly enthralled. Or... alternatively... my just "knowing" that someone else (maybe miles away) may be similarly moved by just being in the presence of the art (even if it is only on DVD and via a quality in-home audio system).

The problem is that much art takes time (repeated viewings; repeated playbacks) to be fully appreciated. What I cannot feel from the selection you've given me is the desire to listen repeatedly... and have any expectation of experiencing any expanded appreciation...

I cannot enjoy art in isolation; I cannot enjoy anything that is just for me: It has to be shared... hopefully with someone I truly care about (and I'm not even remotely hinting at anything sexual!).


You are likely aware that I'm particularly moved by the music and the instruments of the baroque period... Yeah... I am also quite fond of the music from the early classical period as well: Gluck (probably the first), CPE Bach, Mozart, et al.

But... the essential that I miss (speaking for myself) in your selection: We cannot witness and marvel at being in the presence of human achievement (composition and exposition) at its epitome!


Would you be willing to just subject yourself (maybe in agony...) to something vastly different from the baroque period?

Anyway... I'll send you (via PM) some YouTube links (very poor substitute for Blu-ray playback via home theater). (Links also shared with one other Oasie... sadly, eliciting "no comment.")

But the viewer's focus should be on the totality of the artistry inherent in the production: scenery, composition, individual dedication, choreography, etc...

Don't feel too bad if you find it totally uninteresting... I know all-too-well how un-hip it is for a modern teenager...

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So you like acquired tastes?

You might not like it first, but here's a very profound acquired taste called Depotax:

And of course Skrillex is another acquired taste:

But I know you won't like that, because fans of instrumental music can't appreciate Skrillex's amazing skills at sound design. Only a few people actually understand how talented he is. (And many of them hate him because he's too "mainstream".)

And electronic music and computer music does take years of dedication. It has taken deadmau5 over 14 years to get as good as he is now. The only difference is that it takes mental experience, while instruments and vocals take physical experience.

Also, why can't this be shared? Didn't I share it with you when I posted it?

P.S. – Disco is still alive and well in France:

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Intense!!!!!! Sam



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And I thought Knife Party had some intense intros.

Nothing compared to this.

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Intense intro?

An elevated existence awaits.

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I love Excision and Downlink.

But deadmau5 intro is still better. Not even moombahton can build up tension like him.

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it's difficult to dance to

it's difficult to dance to deadmau5 though...

I generally prefer music in the dub/psy/trance range when talking about electronic music...

and witchhouse/chillwave/seapunk for more downtempo activities

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He does that on purpose.

His main inspiration is Aphex Twin, so he doesn't worry about danceability.
But I don't know how you could dance to dub, either. It's mostly get-high-and-relax type of stuff.

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next time i go to a dubstep

next time i go to a dubstep rave i'll film it.

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I thought you meant dub as in dub, not dubstep. Dub is just meant to relax. (Look up King Tubby and Spacemonkeyz.)

Dubstep, on the other hand, has two different styles. The older and more traditional style is very relaxed, with usually just percussion and constant deep sub-bass. (Kromestar, Skream, Hatcha, Cyrus, Kryptic Minds, etc.). The newer, rave style is absolutely fucking insane that people with ADHD on ecstasy listen to.

I'm a big fan of all three of these styles of music. But don't call dubstep dub, because that's very wrong.

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Well, actually

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross's recent work has been pretty intense. Like the soundtrack to the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

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I listen to this stuff

when my Dad's in the house. He just started listening to it a few months ago. Some of it is OK, but some just seems like a bunch of noise to me...I prefer classical or jazz personally.

"It's a helluva start, knowing what makes you happy."
--Lucille Ball

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Dance music is a very wide genre.

So there's a lot of bad stuff. Like Afrojack, Steve Aoki, and the Bloody Beetroots. Dutch house is just garbage.