I'm back

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Its been a long time since I've been here and many things have happened

• Told Nico about my huge crush on him, he replied "Be happy with your life"
• My new school is super cool and I love it
• My aunt is coming to live here in Colombia
• kicked my old school ass with my final grades on Spanish and physicis
• My new best friends are the best thing in the world and one of them calls me "gay friend" and it's because she tells me everything and she don't want anything with me
• Went to a party and I spent the whole night with some chick and everyone thinks she's my girlfriend
• New crush on some 8th grader and he's super hot and I realized that stares at me while I'm near him
• Found out some fugly gay kid in my class and he scares me plus he touched my friends butts, send some pics of his dick and sent them to some guys from 7th grade and on Friday I saw some cuts in his arm
• I made 5 weeks without cutting, but I failed
• My parents saw my scars
• Yesterday I got my final score of this period and I got the 6th best score of the whole class

That's all I think


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Welcome back!

Nico's response was rather cryptic... no?

Were you pleased with it?

Cutting: not good! What happened?

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Yes, it was a weird reply.
I was expecting something better or worse, but I was pleased.
About cutting, I was doing great and one day I felt horrible and I couldnt resist so I did it.

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You do know that cutting solves nothing?

Sorry about Nico's cryptic response... but, if not Nico, don't you have a wide field of alternatives? :) :)