In which I suddenly acquire another friend

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That brings my total up to four. If ninth grade me could see me now...

But seriously. Last year, I attempted to form a friendship with one of the guys in my class. We had a casual acquaintanceship for a while, but never progressed past school friends, and I eventually just gave up.

THEN. This year, we have a class together (one of those classes that doesn't really matter), and we started being friendly again. Then he invited me to hang out with him at Starbucks. At first it was kind of awkward, what with this being our first non-school-related hangout. After a few minutes, though, we became comfortable in our conversation. He came out to me, I came out to him, and we bonded over our mutual gayness.

In the span of four days, we have become best friends. Our friendship is a child prodigy. He now knows more about me than almost anyone else. Neither of us are "out" at school (but both of us are rapidly moving in that direction), so our communications there are a bit...stilted. But WeekendUs is the greatest thing. We talk about tons of stuff. I can tell him about the girls I like, the people I hate, and bother him with whatever I'm freaking out about. And the reverse is true as well, of course. It's fantastic.

[On an unrelated note, I discovered today that a girl I like knows all the words to every single Schoolhouse Rock song, which just makes her more attractive to me for some reason.]