Mega Update (good and bad)

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I came out to everyone I love. My parents, my little sister, my friends. I'm done. I've told everyone that needs to know, and everyone else can find out secondhand.

People at school are finding out. It's good. I'm glad. The third meeting of the GSA was last tuesday We're really coming together as a group. And now that I'm "out", the other GSM kids will hopefully be more open. Since they know that they're represented in the leadership of the club, and aren't being led by three straight girls that can't relate to some of what they're going through.

This week some asshole started a rumor that I'm dating my (super straight) best friend. Not that it hurts my reputation (She's really pretty and super awesome), but it hurts her, and makes our friendship really awkward. She's really touchy-feely, and I make a lot of sexual comments toward her. Really over-the-top flirty ones. I do that to everyone, but her style and mannerisms give me more opportunities to make my comments. He told her MOTHER that people thought we were gay for each other. Her mother. Her super-religious mother who, last month, helped her father give her a two hour lecture on how she should never align herself with "those abominations" (the GSA). So. This isn't good. And now I'm just waiting for her parents to tell her that she can't be friends with me.

Also, I'm in love with a freshman girl that I've talked to exactly twice. (Introduced myself, ran away. Told her she looked adorable, ran away. I'm super good at flirting.) I'm a senior and I'm obsessed with a freshman. What am I doing.


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on coming out! I don't think I'll ever be able to come out to my friends, though A may have a very slight inkling already. What does your GSA do? I missed the 1st QSA meeting @ my school so I'm not really sure what's up with all that.

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It wasn't that hard. Several of my friends were surprised I even needed to tell them. One of my friends just said "I know. Who you think you've been fooling?" Only one of my friends reacted negatively, so that's good :D

And our GSA is basically a safe place to talk. We have activities or topics every week. Last week we anonymously wrote down problems/secrets/confessions on notecards, then everyone else wrote encouragements on them. This week we're talking about bullying and stuff.

And I know this sounds super cliche, but if your friends are good friends, they'll love you no matter what. Especially if they already suspect it.