'N Nuwe Dag

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So yeah, my mother and I had a talk with my sister last night. Well, half talk, half argument. We both let her know we were tired of the crap we were having to put up with. This is really the first I let her know how much she's having an impact on Mom and I. She got really upset about it, I guess she can dish it out, but she can't take it.

I admit I did feel like shit when she started crying. But seriously, she knew this was going to happen eventually. I still feel like shit but I feel better now that my disillusionment has helped me to confront her on the issue. I made my points and did my Mother, but Mom couldn't take it after a while and we both left my sister.

My Mother and I have been strong for each other. Because there are limits and when they're finally broken... shit goes down. But today was a new day and I found out I failed my math test by a few points, time goes on, I know what I must do and I'm not going to lose my mind over it. I'll do better next time because I'm determined.

Anyway last night before that shit happened my Mother and I went to a party being held for one of her friends. Turns out it was a nightclub it was being held at. Oh, my gosh it was so fun, so many partiers and socialites. I think someday when I'm a bit older I might just go clubbing with my friends just to have fun.

Good food there too and the band was absolutely outrageous in the best way. Great musicianship and perfomance art. But eventually all good things must come to an end and we both left after good times were had. And then there was the bad time to be encountered once we arrived at our home.

In other things I discovered the song We Are The World By USA for Africa. I can't believe I have a habit of stumbling upon old things that make me wish there was still something our country could do for another in need. Of course the Ethiopian famine is over, the song to me still symbolizes the need other countries on the African continent still have much help to be received.

Call me crazy but that song has inspired me so much. Maybe I'll be able to make a change somehow, some way, someday.