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Oh, random title generator. I don't even know.

So, weird week. I just took the ACT again, and I really need to make a 30. I need this 30. I know a guy who already has a 30, and it would be downright shameful for me to end up with a lower score than this particular guy. On Friday, there was also a calculus test, and I'm really worried about the outcome of that since everyone messed up so badly the last time. Too many tests... And I registered for the SAT too, so in October there will be even more! Ugh, so tired of tests.

Recently, I bought myself an ACT math and science workbook. I have studied that thing for a total of at least 10 hours, and I really, honestly believe it has paid off. I only blindly guessed on a handful of math questions today instead of about half of them like last time! Science was kind of hard in some parts, and in other parts it wasn't bad at all, especially after having that book.

I think I fucked up a little on the essay portion, but I'm not entirely sure. I never care about any of the topics they ask about, so I never know what to say. I'm also not even sure it counts for all that much. I mean, on the ACT, that section doesn't even affect your composite score. Some colleges don't even require it. I think they only have it because the SAT has a writing portion too that actually counts. A 30-minute essay is really kind of dumb. Sure, I can write you something profound and thoughtful, but I'm going to need a lot longer than 30 minutes. As soon as I actually figure out what to write my college essay on, I will do that, and it will be so awesome that it will completely negate this shit anyway.

I don't want to jinx it, so I'm not going to say it's a definite thing, but I think I have a decent chance of getting my 30!

The "IG Being a Bitch" saga has taken an interesting twist. After reaching the summit of Mt. Bitch earlier this week, she has realized where she went horribly wrong and is now trying to make her way back down the aforementioned mountain.

The other day, I took some initiative and had this slightly awkward one-on-one discussion with IG about why we were mad at her. It turns out that she does not, in fact, believe she is too good for us, but rather that she has made a lot of new friends and wants to be with them some too. Once this was settled, she and I were friends again, but I know one of our (well, I guess now just my) other friends still REALLY doesn't like her.

After that, I mentioned to IG how I am concerned for the aforementioned (extremely intelligent and capable) friend who is suddenly being a low-expectations-haver for some reason. She's very, very negative lately, and she isn't even going to try to go to a good college despite being valedictorian. She isn't even going to apply to any good colleges, not even the two main public colleges here. She's just going to go to this crappy, lesser one nearby instead because she "doesn't give a shit anymore." I don't understand because I am willing to bet that with her grades and stuff, she would be able to go to either of the two main colleges for free or close to it, and if she didn't want to do that, there are literally dozens of other, even better options for her, so why this? She also already knows what she wants to do, so it's not even that. I don't know what's going on with her. All the negativity worries me a little. (The whole "I don't give a shit anymore" is pretty troublesome.)

I also talked to IG a little about my plans of moving hundreds of miles away. She was surprisingly positive about it. I think it's so funny how IG reacted the most favorably so far because she used to totally hate me. I mean, this was the girl who used to push me in the halls in 9th grade so I wouldn't "breathe gay germs onto her." (Oh, man, I do NOT miss being 15. I am soooo glad people grow up, even over the course of just a few years.)

So, anyway, it wouldn't be a Super Duck journal without the obligatory section about shit that makes me mad, now would it? Well, as most of you know, I have a little sister known as Brat. Brat has been begging for a phone for a year or so now, even though she doesn't have anyone to call or text. (She does, however, love to take other people's phones and send me annoying messages like "hello this is your teacher i eat poop")

Well, my mother bought Brat a SAMSUNG GALAXY today for absolutely no fucking reason. I got one for my birthday last year when I turned 17. Before that, I had a shitty phone, and even before that, I had the shittiest of all shitty phones. I got my first phone at the age of 12. It was an ugly silver flip phone for emergencies only. I did not have texting. It sucked so bad and was the most boring phone ever.

My mom said that if iPhones and Galaxies and such were around then, I could have gotten one, but that's bullshit because the "cool" phone then was the Motorola Razr, and I most definitely did not get that. When I was 15 and got my second phone, the "cool" thing was Blackberry, and I did not get that either despite wanting it desperately. I didn't get to have a "cool" phone until I was 17. I only really got this one because I had to buy all my other birthday presents, and my parents felt really bad about that.

The child is 9. She is in the 4th grade. She isn't even allowed to go anywhere by herself. I don't understand.