School Is No Longer A Synonym For Hell

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I've written before about being home schooled and the reasons why, but this year my family decided that I should try going to a regular school again, but the school I go to now is far from regular.

I go to a tech based private school where individual learning is the emphasis along with diversity, two things seriously missing from my old private school. There it was all about helping the children of (illegal?) immigrants become better English interpreters for their parents and creating the future high school football and basketball teams. Does that sound mean? Maybe. Sadly it's the truth.

At my new school there's no majority group except that it's 50/50 boys and girls. For the first time in my life I'm seeing different racial groups mingle like it's no big deal, which didn't exist in my voluntarily segregated old school. I've noticed that I've stopped caring about someone's race and instead am more interested in what they're about...which means I understand what my new school is all about. People are just that, people.

There are a bunch of other kids there with autism like me, and I spend one of my periods doing what they call "peer support" with a younger boy who's Asperger's symptoms are far worse than mine. I have an older student who does the same for me, and even though he's normal I had an instant friend at orientation to guide me. I even suspect we have something secret in common?

There are several openly gay kids there, but open as in we know you're gay but we don't think that's a reason to hate's still kind of weird to me. I locked the door on my closet and threw the key in the ocean, now I may someday have to go swimming for it?

For the first time in my life I don't dread getting up in the morning on a school day, and I'm so lucky to be able to have a safe place to call my second home. My Dad tells me that school is my job, but really it's my personal adventure.

I know my future's uncertain, but at least I now have hope : ))



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There's always hope.

It's great to hear you found a school that can provide the resources needed for your success. The environment makes all the difference.
Uncertain futures are the most interesting ones.

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Glad to hear things are improving for you...

Sam. It sounds like this new school may help. It is great to be in the southern part of the world w/o the segregation, hatred and discrimination clouded all over your head.

PS, sorry for not replying to your last message. the last few weeks have been hectic, and my dad passed away earlier in the week.


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