See this Tornado, it Loves You

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A very sad, beautiful song.

Oh, and you guys have to listen to the new Dirty Projectors album!

It's the shit.
Anyway, there's not much to report but that, and that's part of the problem. Life is boring as shit, once again. God, I'm so bored of high school, and especially all the people I have to share it with.
I don't even have the ability to articulate this right now, cause I'm tired, distracted, and still have a bunch of homework to do, but still.
It's all just such shit, based on people who were born wealthy getting douchebaggy about the things their parents have bought for them.
Those are the people who do those uniquely teenage things, like carrying their keys around all over the place or on a lanyard just to pronounce their badassery.
Well, you know, so many things kids do with their cars, the way they talk about driving so incessantly... and parking... and cars... and anything to do with having a driver's licence.
Honestly, it just really gets dull after so many times hearing it, so often.

And most kids, if they're not douchebags, are the other kind of dull, which is just boring-dull.
We have our Homecoming Dance coming up, and it's like 25$ to go, per fucking person, which is like $50 per couple.
That's a fucking lot.

Anyway, I'm just honestly getting so tired of the materialism and douchebaggery and unthinking boring-ness, it's really just getting really, really dull.

But I suppose I shouldn't be inflating my dick either, I'm hardly too exciting.

Anyway, this just degenerated to complaining, once again, and I'm sorry about that guys, I really am.
I've just been feeling a little more pessimistic than usual.

I guess I don't have much to complain about, I'm alive, aren't I? And that's not a given, so I should enjoy it.
But it just makes it that much worse I spend this precious life 7 hours a day just sitting, listening to a teacher talk...
Night Oasies.


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Dude but I love hearing you complain

You crack me up, bro.

Agreed, though. Totally bored. Some day you should leave after orchestra with me and we can go fuck around and do fun stuff, yeah?
That's redick!

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I'd be all for that...

But, please: no attempts at seduction! OK?

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and besides who wants chad's gross everything, yuck.

That's redick!

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Now... there's a concept that requires some mulling over! :)

However... the rest, I "get."