Still Searching.

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First and foremost, I now have a twitter. If you'd like to follow me you can send me a PM. I'm not announcing this as a shameless attempt at self-promotion; I think it would be neat to follow people on here. I mostly got it to follow Brittany. Ha.

Welp, my dad knows I'm gay, which doesn't surprise me. My sister had a conversation with him about it in my absence, and he's fully supportive of me and doesn't mind at all. He's also really pissed off at my mom because of how she's handled it. So everyone in my immediate family knows. That's good.

My friend Victoria had her eighteenth birthday party at the riverfront. It was really fun, the most fun I've had in a month and a half. Somehow, despite my detachment issues, I was the life of the party. That felt nice. We trekked through the woods with nothing but the moon to guide us and we all sat along the beach and let the freezing water lap at our toes. We took idiotic pictures and danced to ridiculous music and roasted hot dogs over a bonfire. There was a bit of drama due to a stupid love triangle with Victoria, her current boyfriend, and her ex, but I'm beyond caring honestly. She invited her ex to her birthday party while her boyfriend was there. What the fuck. I understand she wants to stay friends, but there are limits. And her boyfriend pouted and became a douche because she was starting to miss her ex and it was just like an episode of every teen drama out there.

I opened up more to Brittany, trying and only somewhat succeeding in explaining to her what I'm feeling. She couldn't dish out much advice, but I know for certain that she cares. She said she would try really hard to find time for us to get together before we leave for Six Flags, but her time is almost completely consumed by college and work. She says she's happy with the workload. I told her I wrote something and she really wants to read it. I followed her on twitter but she's been too busy to get on her page. I wish we had more time together.

Not much else to say. I've applied to one of my two colleges. That feels good.