The Fox Within

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Today in Comp Mr. Richards had us write about what animals we are most like. I wrote about a fox, because I look like one (my face is kind of angular and I'm always serious-looking) and we're both good at adapting. Also because I'm a loner, just like a fox, but I didn't say that. I rarely give legitimate reasons for personal things when I'm writing in class.
I've been working my way through Malcolm in the Middle. Great show, always suprising you with the filming style or the characters or the plot. But toward the end it gets a bit disturbing, like when cute little Dewey starts smoking. He's nine years old for pete's sake!
Lately I've been having some oddly-shaped conversations. Joseph, a junior who moved here from England, likes a lot of the same things as me & will talk about anything for the 1/2-hour of lunch, but suddenly takes off long before the bell rings. In Comp I sit across from this really hot girl who I think may have a new boyfriend--she wrote figurative language about how this guy looks & tastes and she's always smiling really big. And Isabel (Spanish name) and I have strangely similar thought processes--we find the same dirty English words hidden within normal Spanish ones and we both make wishes at 11:11. The only problem is that whenever the girl at the end of our row has a chance, she runs over, interrupts us, and pesters Isabel to tell her how her boyfriend is asking her to Homecoming. Isabel's boyfriend already asked her, Haley's is going to ask soon, and nobody's asking me.
I would go with Joseph if he asked me, or my new friend Aleksandra's friend Zoe, who's really hot. But I don't know Zoe that well and I'm not really sure where I stand with Joseph, so I'm not going. I don't even think I'll go to the Freshman Dance or anything. But tomorrow I'm going to go to the QSA, so maybe I'll meet somebody there??