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I hate today. It's when all of the documentaries and specials about the Twin Towers invade every channel, everybody is drawn in because humans love a good tragedy, we all soak up the raw emotion and act like it touches us so deeply and so personally. I cannot for the life of me understand the need to hold an eleven-year grudge. Yes, terrorists are bad. Yes, 9/11 was bad. For fuck's sake, we get it. I feel like by swearing to "Never Forget" and raising hell on this day for over a decade the rest of the world, including any terrorist organizations, knows that it has shaken us to the core, that it's impacted us deeply. They know they've gotten the best of us. It would be far better to move on. Not saying we should forget. And maybe if a friend or relative of mine had been a victim I would feel differently. I dunno.

Just my take on it.

I was perusing the newspaper today and I ran into an article about Iowa potentially repealing their same-sex marriage law. Not only would a repeal mean no more gay marriage, but no more civil unions as well. To me that would be even worse than never having a gay marriage law in the first place. Just imagine it: the victory and the joy of knowing that you can now legally marry the person you love, only to maybe have it taken away. I'm sincerely hoping Brittany's optimism has truth in it; she always says that by the time I'm old enough to consider marriage, America will be more progressive and it'll be legal in most states. I think she has too much faith in people sometimes. And I hope there will be enough voices supporting gay marriage to keep in intact in that state.

I visited another college today. I'm applying to both of my choices, but the first college I visited is the one I prefer. This one had an equally appealing campus with even more scenery and size than the first. The students were just as welcoming and kind, but there were a thousand more of them than in the first college. I dunno. I felt more at home when I was visiting the first one. Plus, both of my AP English credits from junior year and this year aren't considered in this second college, which is total bullshit. I would have done all of that work for nothing basically. And the second college's literary magazine was so wimpy compared to the first one's. And the creative writing major isn't as well established at this one. It's only been offered for a couple years. But I got a free T-shirt, which is always awesome.

Um. Not much to say, really. Brittany and I haven't talked in about two weeks. Not used to that. Planning to hang out with her this weekend, but I'm not getting my hopes up too high. I'm gonna tell her soon. Like, really soon. Because not being around her is making me crazy. The kind of crazy that makes you do impulsive things like sending a declaration of love, er, affection to your crush. The fact that my mom's lotion smells exactly like the kind Brittany always puts on does not help anything, not to mention that's just awkward as hell, your mom smelling just like your crush. Jeez.

Been seriously considering coming out to my dad. I just think it would make us closer. I think he'd be more open-minded about it than my mom, even though he makes his little comments about queers and such.

I have a lot of confessions to make as of late.


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Good luck...

You're demonstrating wisdom by refraining from actual naming your first choice.

I hope you know that I'm wishing you good luck...

But, you must make multiple applications... as nothing should be assumed as guaranteed until an actual acceptance is in hand. I know full well that the wait can be agonizing! :(

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Thank you. I plan on

Thank you. I plan on applying to three or four different colleges. I see no reason to doubt that my first choice would turn me down. Or my second choice, for that matter. They've both seemed very eager to welcome me and they seem to want me there. I'm fairly confident things will go smoothly with the application process, even though I'll be paying off student loans till I'm fifty :P