This might be the greatest thing in history

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Enviro Bear 2000.

What a fucking hilarious game, it's really easy to download, free, takes 2 seconds, just google enviro bear 2000 download.
It's fucking hilarious because of not just the premise of the game, which is weird enough, you're a bear that's slept away until exactly 5 minutes before winter starts, thus meaning you have to get into your beat-up muscle car and drive around to find fish and berries to fatten your prodigious stomach before winter arrives, then hightail it to a cave, no easy task.

But what's even fucking funnier is the mechanics of the game, the bad graphics and the music, and especially the controls: one single paw of tremendous length with which you have to work the gas, brakes, steering, transmission, and eating, one at a time.
And doing all that, you have to avoid obstacles like trees and rocks that can fill your car with badgers, bees, as well as pinecones, leaves, and rocks, which may not sound like a problem, but they take a long time to remove, and if you don't, they can get under the gas or brakes, making them impossible to use until you remove them, one at a time, wasting precious time.
And not only that, but you have to avoid those other lazy bears that have waited until the very last moment to fatten up and are driving around looking for food just like your sorry ass.
And just try right clicking, it's hilarious.

Basically, the best game I've played since Civilization 3, at least for about half an hour until I got bored...
But seriously, play that shit.