Toilets Should Get Off Their High Horse

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Gotta love the Instant Title Generator.

I can't deal with there not being any hot, eligible girls around. Well, I mean, I've tolerated it for years, but I just can't anymore because I know that by this time next year, there will FINALLY be some because I won't live here anymore. (I tend to feel that way about a lot of things now, really. This town/region is even more depressing now that I just have to hold on a little longer. The things at school that would normally be minor annoyances are totally rage-inducing now that I'm a senior. That kind of thing, I guess.) But, like, this has gotten really bad! I think I've gone temporarily insane because tons of girls I'd usually consider average-to-decent-looking are now totally super hot, and it's causing problems. My thoughts often surprise me, and I find myself wondering, "Wow, why am I such an animal?" like 398353 times a day.

And I'm doing some of the dumbest shit. I'm SUCH an idiot. Like, so, I've always kinda had a thing for cheerleaders, but now it's all like OH MY GOD CHEERLEADERS, and I find myself doing absolutely anything they ask me to. For example, recently one asked me to help her finish some work, and I automatically said yes even though it was in the middle of a class and I'm supposed to actually be trying to get good grades... But I couldn't say no to her! I just couldn't! I'll do basically anything (within reason) that a cute girl asks me to. :'( It's one of my biggest weaknesses. It's so horrible.

Oh, I finally made a 30 on my ACT and therefore never have to take it again! I still have to take the SAT once, though, because the test people are meanies who don't cooperate with one another and think it's totally cool to make the registration deadline for one end before the scores come out for the other. I don't think I can cancel the registration either and get the money back since I know you can't on the ACT. My friend really needs to take the SAT, though, so I'll go for moral support since basically no one else is gonna be there.

You know, I've had this odd streak of good luck. Even though this past week sucked so much ass because it was so busy, a test I wasn't ready for got postponed! This streak of good luck started a while ago, like that one week when I was being really socially awkward? It started when there was this science test I didn't study for. It was picture day, so I didn't have time to study it because I forgot and was busy trying to look presentable. Well, I didn't study, and I wasn't really very focused on the test, but then I made an 85 while everyone else made 40s and 50s! And then there was free junk food. And then later that week, I got to hold a cute little kitten this one girl found! The next week, I just bullshat another test and made another B while everyone else failed yet again. And then I found out that I finally made a 30 on that stupid ACT.

I started writing a possible Common App essay, but it kind of sucks so far. I'm hoping I'll get a new great idea before November 1, or at least a way to make this one suck less. But hey, it's better than nothing.

I'm so tired of school's bullshit, though. Weeks and weeks and weeks of nothing, and then suddenly everything had to be piled on this past week. Everything ever. I don't understand. Why not space it out a little? Oh, right, that would actually make a bit of fucking sense, and we can't have any of that. I've been such a mess all week. At least I've had good luck, but still.

Also, I found this blog that I have legitimate reason to believe belongs to FCG, mainly because I meant to go to her Twitter for a laugh after an annoying day since it's always so unbelievable, but I accidentally typed it in as a Tumblr URL instead since I'm so addicted to Tumblr. And the blogger has the same name as her and goes to the same school. So, um, yeah, like 99.9999% chance here. I thought it would be just as hilarious as her Twitter since it's FCG trying to use the internet, but it was actually very sad... Considering FCG's, um, level of intellect, it's quite eloquent. She even says a big word and tries to use a metaphor. I won't link it 'cause that would be mean, but it really explains a lot. There's just one post on it so far, but basically, she hates herself and her entire life and has no motivation for anything and feels lonely and pathetic and has been, like, legitimately depressed for a super long time. It kind of explains why she stopped ever responding to any of my attempts to contact her. I don't think she even talks to IG now. IG said she never does. It makes me really sad because FCG doesn't deserve to feel like that. :'( I felt really weird after seeing it, though. Like, I wasn't supposed to see that, but I did, and now I can't unsee it, but I wish I could.


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Good luck streak yay! I am

Good luck streak yay!
I am one of those people who studies and doesn't always get fabulous marks, so let me tell you that you're really lucky that you get marks without studying.

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I'm a pretty good test taker

I'm a pretty good test taker except for in math. I really have to think about math.

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Tumblr is fantastic isn't it?

I love tumblr! My girlfriend showed me the site and now I'm on it for multiple hours everyday.

How long have you had a blog?

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I've been on Tumblr since

I've been on Tumblr since May 2011. I'm addicted, haha.

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I'm addicted too!

I've had my blog for probably a year now. I dunno what about tumblr makes it so addicting but it's a great place to fangirl and look at cute baby animals. That usually satisfies me. haha

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Haha, yeah, that's the best!

Haha, yeah, that's the best! It's almost therapeutic in a way, isn't it? Whenever I have a bad day, Tumblr usually makes me feel better.

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Especially all the pics of hot ladies. haha. Those are definitely a mood riser.

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Haha, definitely!

Haha, definitely!

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Mood? Well...

...maybe that, too. But, for the other half... :)