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Very Interesting.

This research is eye-opening for gay people and should also help disprove the ignorant notion that being gay is a person's choice. I have never seen the guts of my hypothalmus, however, my index finger is indeed shorter than my ring finger, something I never even thought much about. Thanks for posting this.

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I didn't completely

understand all of this, but it seems to me now a bunch of zealots or bigots might try to use chemicals to "correct" homosexuality preemptively. Also, I'd like to know how bisexuality fits in with all of this.

"It's a helluva start, knowing what makes you happy."
--Lucille Ball

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Yes, I found it very

Yes, I found it very interesting as well. I like the way they have looked at everything from a purely scientific perspective. They have even tried to answer a question which I had- why gay people weren't removed by natural selection because they weren't useful to increase the population.
The question of why certain people are attracted to the other gender and some to the same one, and the many other possibilities, is very fascinating.
My index finger is longer than my ring finger. I should find some known straight girl and compare. :P

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Chemically alter? You can't

Chemically alter?
You can't change your genes with chemicals. The article itself is only trying to figure out the biological basis of homosexuality.
Yes, they haven't mentioned anything about bisexuality.
Bunches of zealots and bigots will suggest stupid stuff all the time, whether they have proper evidence or not. So I guess it's up to us to ignore them.